Being Human… How do I know what to talk about?

A long term university student once told me that I had no ‘authority’ to use the term ‘nervous system’ as I wasn’t university certified as an expert… BUT, I have a nervous system, shouldn’t I be an expert? Or, at the very least have an understanding of how it functions within my human body, on the earth, under the weight of gravity?

How do I start to explain what it is I have… how have I gained this knowledge based on personal experience, and what can you do with it?

My lessons were guided observation of my physical self, in motion. Based on Universal Principle, it is a concept free understanding of what balance is within the human experience. It is a deep knowing of who you are, physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually.

Knowing who you are & being comfortable in who you are is an ability that is encouraged to lie dormant in us. However, it is the very nature of being a human organism (bunch of cells created into an expression thanks to genes) to seek homeostasis (balance/survival). Your genetic expression has an associated breath rhythm which can be altered, squashed & weakened with force (think jail, oppression, stagnation) or blossoming & opening with freedom (think uncurling fern, flower, blossoming, evolution). To understand the physical body, and release it from forceful control, is to free your personal rhythm, to free your life rhythm, to free your breath.

Freedom of your breath is part of an organism in balance which requires all organ systems to be working harmoniously. The 12 organ systems ebb and flow in response to your nervous systems recognition of danger. The fight/flight response increases energy flow to organ systems relevant to fighting or running to save yourself, by decreasing energy flow to organ systems that are not necessary to fighting or running. Fight/flight takes your free breath to a high chest, shallow breath, a more efficient breath response for this situation.

A high chest, shallow breath rhythm is perfect for situations where you are in danger. And when the danger passes, your body should release it’s fight/flight posture, and all the energy should be released back to the organ systems that were not necessary for fighting/running.

So, why isn’t this happening? Why are we ending up with adrenal (fight/flight/freeze) fatigue?

Because, the fight/flight/freeze response is caveman stuff, our physical body has not evolved past animal responsiveness, although our intelligence has. Which makes our intelligence lacking if we continue to do this to ourselves, to the point of injury, disease, poor ageing, reliance on medicine (herbal or pharmaceutical). To consciously push on through messages from our body, mask them with chemicals (pain killers etc or over stimulated ‘feel good hormones’), is how we end up drained in an area of our human organism that causes illness.

My illness’ have been a few obvious ones, thyroid, indigestion/heartburn, tachycchardia, UTI & related kidney response, adrenal fatigue… all blamed on diet, ‘stress’, genetics, radiation and general aging… and through my observation of my body in motion, how I use my body, I found muscle tensions in the areas of concern. My areas of tension were throat, chest, mid back, pelvic floor, a locked tight fight/flight (stress) muscle response, locked in over years of heavy repetition, and total lack of release.

My structure was incapable of responding to stress, I had nowhere to go when I needed it, physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually; I was exhausted.

Today, I have none of these issues, whilst I used herbs, acupuncture, massage, added beneficial foods (fermented) and other bottled nutrients to help me in the first year or so, I do not rely on anything now. I took responsibility for my human organism, what I had created, and became the master of what I could create. The understanding is gained by listening/feeling yourself, trusting your gut instinct, and in the beginning time needs to be spent (you took many years creating this) providing a message of safety to your nervous system, which will relay the message to all your other systems, starting the journey towards being a comfortable, balanced human organism.

Being authentically you, moving with integrity and in alignment on all levels… physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

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