Symptoms are just messengers

Symptoms are a result, or expression of how you move your body, and when we are moving ourselves with force, we are creating extreme results, which are linked to disease.

Once you can feel how you move yourself, you can make changes… which sounds easy! But the honesty part of this, the self-responsibility for what you have created is the hard bit. Realising that a lot of what you believed; for creating health, or good looks, or strength, or energy, has actually been causing a disruption to your nervous system, and your immune system… But hear this… IT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE DOING, BUT HOW YOU ARE DOING IT!

Other than hairloss, the symptoms that I had were;
* Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) – probably the most memorable, just the thought of sex would set me off, quite unhelpful for falling pregnant… quite alright considering we got divorced 2 years later…
* Blood in the urine – indicating that the infection was in my kidneys, this symptom was specific to this time, prior to this I had naturally managed my UTI and blood in the urine hadn’t resulted in about 13 years… so yes, I suffered these severely for over 14 years.
* Tingling hands & feet – They felt like they were burning, fizzing from the inside, it was incredibly irritating, and worrying.
* Restless legs – Sleeping was also interrupted by this need to shuffle my legs to release pressure, and distract me from the tingling.
* EMF sensitivity – Holding my mobile phone, driving my car (bluetooth), sitting near the wall at work that had a server on the other side of it… all created the burning feeling in my hands and feet to increase & my throat to burn the same.
* Indigestion/Heartburn – It didn’t matter what I ate or drank, or didn’t eat or drink… this would just come on at anytime and the resulting abdominal pain would be radiating up into my ears and jaw.
* Exhaustion – Well, this one is a little self-explanatory… I wasn’t sleeping, and my body was fighting all sorts of battles, plus me pushing it to keep going… just keep functioning.
* Bone density loss – I felt completely fragile, and using a pickax one day, I really hurt a wrist bone… not my usual resilient self, and never since has this happened.
* BODY ODOUR – Here I wish to thank all the people I massaged & gave facials to during this time… I used to offend myself (I do not anymore, regardless of how I smell as it is a message! Do not cover over it with anti-perspirants or other toxic crap) until I learnt why this was happening. I would shower multiple times a day, remove hair (FYI not the reason I smelt).

This is my Miss Matilda & I with my Great Aunt Estelle in the background, a photo taken October 2013, in our house that had been a rental property, at the same time I got a new car, we got a new tv and a new refrigerator… and I will get to why these are significant points. As you can see I am skinny, bags under my eyes, and I know my hair was really thin at this stage, almost bald on the crown.

I wanted some time relevant photos for you, and this is one of my favourite pictures, but they have also bought up sadness as they are surrounded by happy times trying for a baby… so sharing this adventure to health with you is also getting me to tidy up some loose ends in the photo storage… is quite cathartic… and feels like balance to me!

So now you have my blood test results and how that was presenting in the body to create quite a scary situation… causing worry to myself & those near to me.
As far as medicine choices go, I had stopped using antibiotics for UTI in my early 20’s, as they didn’t heal me, if I wasn’t taking them, I was susceptible… which had started a life of not taking pharmaceuticals. And that went against a huge part of my upbringing, in rural New Zealand, we were always sick & it was ‘blamed’ on our environment, the drinking water mainly.
SO what to do? My first stop was the health food shop for supplements… and I walked out with Iodine, not to fix anything, but to nourish my thyroid tissue.

SECOND stop after the doctors room… advice from people who have lived, and here is your first video lesson… REJUVELAC! A fermented wheat drink that is rich in enzymes, lactic acid, gut friendly bacteria and high in all the hard to get Vitamin B’s. Both the sprouting & the fermenting create chemical reactions in the wheat that make the amazing nutrients safely available to you.

All you are going to need is; Organic Wheat Grain, Clean water (not tap or town water), Ginger root, Turmeric Root, a sprouting jar, a 1.5 litre jar, cloth to cover & a rubber band or string…. And the video is almost ready…

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