Symptoms are just messengers

Symptoms are a result, or expression of how we are moving/holding our body, and when we are moving/holding ourselves with force, we are interrupting circulation, disrupting nutrient delivery and waste removal… creating areas of hunger, stagnation, draining.

Once you can feel how you move yourself, you can make changes… which sounds easy, but for the subconscious response of our nervous system to stop us feeling that which is hurting us! We need to accept that a lot of what we believed; for creating health, or good looks, or strength, or energy, has actually been perpetuating an out of balance human being.

IT IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE DOING, BUT HOW YOU ARE DOING IT! But to make it easier in the beginning, we need to move slower, take smaller steps.

The reason we spend time on the floor is so our subconscious can feel safe, as we become familiar with feeling safe, we bring into sitting and standing that which we learnt to feel lying down.

Lying on the floor is helpful, as we have physical feedback from the floor to highlight what we are doing… moving upright takes away that information, and we have to learn to feel what we are doing without the pressure of the floor.

My Symptoms

* Hairloss – the hair on the crown on my head became terrifyingly thin.
* Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) – probably the most memorable, just the thought of sex would set me off, quite unhelpful for falling pregnant… quite alright as we got divorced 2 years later…
* Blood in the urine – indicating that the infection was in my kidneys, this symptom was specific to this time, prior to this I had naturally managed my UTI and blood in the urine hadn’t resulted in about 13 years… so yes, I suffered these severely for over 14 years.
* Urine that smelt like offal – this is the smell of fresh liver/kidney, and it was indicating that something very unhealthy was happening in my body.
* Tingling hands & feet – They felt like they had acid in the veins, I was fizzing from the inside, it was incredibly irritating, and worrying. It was bad at night, around my mobile phone, in my car, near the TV, near the fridge, after sugar, after coffee, after alcohol.
* Restless legs – Sleeping was also interrupted by this need to shuffle my legs to release pressure, and distract me from the tingling.
* EMF sensitivity – Holding my mobile phone, driving my car (bluetooth), sitting near the wall at work that had a server on the other side of it… all created the burning feeling in my hands and feet to increase & my throat to burn the same.
* Indigestion/Heartburn – It didn’t matter what I ate or drank, or didn’t eat or drink… this would just come on at anytime and the resulting pain around my heart would be radiating up into my ears and jaw.
* Exhaustion – Well, this one is a little self-explanatory… I wasn’t sleeping, and my body was fighting all sorts of battles, plus me pushing it to keep going… just keep functioning.
* Bone density loss – I felt completely fragile, and using a pickax/mattock one day, I really hurt a wrist bone… not my usual resilient self, and never since has this happened.
* BODY ODOUR – Here I wish to thank all the people I massaged and gave facials to during this time… I was offended by myself, showering between each client, and wiping myself down during treatments… I wasn’t using deoderant, and had not used anti-perspirants for some time. This was a message that I needed to hear until I learnt why this was happening. I was also removing hair via waxing, and still I would smell bad.

This is my Miss Matilda & I with my Great Aunt Estelle in the background, a photo taken October 2013, in our house that had been a rental property, at the same time I got a new car, we got a new tv and a new refrigerator… and I will get to why these are significant points. As you can see I am skinny, bags under my eyes, and I know my hair was really thin at this stage, almost bald on the crown.

I wanted some time relevant photos for you, and this is one of my favourite pictures, but they have also bought up sadness as they are surrounded by what should hav been happy times trying for a baby… so sharing this adventure to health with you is also getting me to tidy up some loose ends in the photo storage… is quite cathartic… and feels like balance to me!

Test Results

It got to the point where I decided to see a GP and get some blood tests. The results were rather bland considering how I felt…

The hormones didn’t bother me, some were barely at the edge of the range… but the anti-thyroglobulin AB, or the bacteria that metabolises old thyroid cells, was way out at 1800 (recommended <60)… and the Doctor didn’t care about that one. But, as I edit this in 2023, a Doctor in 2019 told me a test result of 1800 was cancer, on that one I was disappointing the system, and at that point I lost interest in test results.

What did I do?

First stop, my work and my teacher… bacteria, my bacteria are out of balance, at that time all I knew how to make was Rejuvelac. This is a fermented, sprouted wheat drink that is rich in enzymes, lactic acid, gut friendly bacteria and high in all the hard to get Vitamin B’s. When I researched this years ago, I found really good information from Ann Wigmore, and it was indicating rejuvelac is the best place for vegan’s to get what they are missing from meat, but I am struggling to find good info on this drink now. Both the sprouting and the fermenting create chemical reactions in the wheat that make the amazing nutrients safely available to you.

Second stop, the health food shop… and ask what they knew about thyroid health. I was told iodine nourishes the thyroid tissues, so I got a bottle of drops for my water, as well as some organic australian wheat.

Pharmaceuticals… I had stopped believing in them in my mid 20’s, I last took the contraceptive pill at 23, and it made me quite suicidal, just 1 month on those and I stopped taking pharmaceuticals forever. Which was quite a shift, as we were always on anti-biotics as kids growing up in rural New Zealand, we were always sick due to bad drinking water, cold weather, all sorts of reasons.

What do I do when I am sick if I will not be taking pharmaceuticals?

The typical response is to find another healing modality or alternative practitioner – sure, I can replace one external expert with another, and I had been dabbling in homeopathics, traditional chinese medicine, therapeutic massage since about 1997.

But… my whole life, at the back of my consciousness, I have known that I can
survive anything, and heal from anything and eat whatever I like,
my physical body is that amazing…
so, how do I do that?

I make rejuvelac!

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