How I relieved symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction.

My symptoms were many and varied and some of them had been active for years! However, they had rapidly become worse with a few changes in my living environment. These known irritants met with a completely compromised human organism & the severe symptoms resulted… the why I will get to, but easing those symptoms was the necessary first step to give me space & enough rest to be able to think, at least a little clearer.

Easing the symptoms was vital, making them worse was not an option, and that meant I would not be changing my diet in any way, good bad or otherwise, I was still making it through the day, and to remove coffee, alcohol or sugar would have put me into a detox spin, and my system didn’t have the strength to deal with that. Think vinegar & bicarbonate soda, I didn’t have enough vinegar in my system to deal with the bicarb that would have flooded in from detox.

ADD HEALTH IMPROVING FOODS INTO YOUR DIET!!! And leave the the rest alone… is my experience… Why, because it’s a softer more sustainable response, and without all the stress associated with changing food habits, cravings, detox responses… I know I couldn’t have coped with it, and when we get to the stress part, you will understand why… but I have to lay down the information first!

By gently adding in fermented foods, fresh greens, more steamed greens (asparagus!!!), vegetables, you are raising your mineral levels (this is a vinegar & bicarb soda experiment), which creates an environment suitable to bringing your bacteria into balance, your cravings will change & you will begin neutralizing sugars better with a higher mineral level, no stress, no pain. All we want is real food that is nourishing to the body, that is easily digestible & that is not going to interrupt our natural body responses (one example is, electrolytes are produced by the body from the fresh fruits & vegetables that you consume, when you use electrolyte replacement your body stops creating them, as the internal chemical messengers measure you as already having them).

I started with Rejuvelac! And my first batch smelt so very bad, the beneficial bacteria were so foreign to my system that it was repulsive to me (I was not in a good state, there was nothing wrong with the rejuvelac).

By adding Rejuvelac into my diet, I was going to war with the bacterial levels in my system – which confirmed my feeling that cutting anything out would have pushed me over the edge… anyone who has stopped coffee abruptly and experienced those results will know that it is hard on the body. But, I really couldn’t get any worse, and I drank it, (possibly, I didn’t care if I died from it… the reality of feeling that bad and being that exhausted for that long) and that night I slept through the night, the best sleep I had in about 4 years.

Here I want to get a little specific, when faced with scary test results, I let them wash over me, I focused on the information that my thyroid was not coping or working… When my test results said that my anti-thyroglobulin levels were 1800 (normal levels <60) and I wanted to know what I was doing to cause this… but first question…

We have processes in our system to consume ageing cells, and we have a related function that creates new cells… for every tissue you have in your body!!! This is how we heal… So, anti-thyroglobulin is a bacteria/enzyme that consumes ageing thyroid cells… and when the thyroid is not functioning this process meets demand! (antibody – immune system, high antibody count = autoimmune disorder).

FOCUS POINT I have the systems within my body to build new tissue, thyroid included, and what I need to do is improve the healing/building processes, and slow the destruction/consumption processes… a calming focus point, to slow any knee jerk reactions that you may have to receiving a disease diagnosis. Fear & stress makes it all worse (and we are going to cover exactly why). So, consider what you are still capable of doing, how long you have been feeling crappy for, and then slow down, give yourself time to assess that you are still here, and moving, breathing, being.

Remember what you are doing is not right or wrong… it just is. And as mentioned, I could not have altered my diet, as that would have severed the frayed thread I had holding it all together… but I was holding it all together. And, my guess is, so are you.

And whilst we have touched on stress in this, we need to look at that in more detail… because the stress response is a physical response, and that can be caused by physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual situations.

What was I doing that was limiting my thyroids ability to function?
* holding my shoulders up & back
* holding my stomach in
* holding my legs together
* pushing myself through each day as I was

Why is any of this a problem?
* limits circulation around the diaphragm, neck, pelvic floor
* limited circulation allows fluids to become stagnant
* creates habitually tight muscles
* habitually tight muscles put pressure on organs underneath them
* pushing through keeps us in constant fight of what is
* fight of what is

How is this related to the nervous system and stress?
* fight of what is holds us in the stress response
* the stress response postures us
* the posture of stress tightens muscles around our neck, diaphragm, pelvis (among many other physical responses)
* stress response thickens blook
* stress response shortens, quickens the breath
* energy for the stress response is drained from other organ system (digestive, reproductive)

So, what was ‘wrong’ with my thyroid?
* neck muscles so tight that I felt like I was being choked… BUT I was not aware of this as I had created this, and it was now subconscious, or a habit that was kept active by my nervous system
* our thyroid lives in our neck, and was locked under these tight muscles with limited circulation, which was causing the fluid of my neck to become stagnant
* lack of space to pulse compounds the lack of space for clean circulation
* my toxic thyroid was trying to reproduce thyroid cells in this unhealthy environment
* my anti-thyroglobulin were busy getting rid of everything that wasn’t healthy… which was continually reproducing…

My thyroid was actually functioning perfectly, given the environment it was in.
* taking pills wasn’t going to change how I was holding myself
* getting treatments didn’t change how I was holding myself
* my nervous system had a new normal, that was created due to my choice to control myself, holding shoulders up, holding stomach in…

Our nervous system always has our best interests in mind… where are we making it work?

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  1. Reading this was just lovely 🙂


    1. I am pleased you felt that, and thank you for letting me know.


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