Your Stress Response

What would happen if we just stopped putting pressure on ourselves, stopped doing more to cope with the result of the doing we have done & gave freedom for our innate intelligence to receive information & respond for our highest good.

We would be effortless strength, sustainable energy & a complete & natural breath.

If you want to embody presence, free your unique expression, stand in your true power & take full responsibility for your life… read on!

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A bottle tree from near Theodore, Qld, Australia. ‘Dukes Plain’ is a favourite private camping spot I have been fortunate to access, a good google for if you are interested in regenerative agriculture information

We are going to be rolling our intellectual comprehension round in circles, focusing on the perpetually tightening muscle system that is living in the sympathetic nervous system (the stress response). And if it is confusing, that means you are trying to understand an idea new to you… read on for more of that!

Then we will be attempting to comprehend how it is exactly the same process/response/cycle that we will live in if we are in balance. Balance is flowing between the sympathetic nervous system response (fight/flight/freeze) and the parasympathetic nervous system response (rest/digest/heal). For ease of reading, I am going to use fight, survival, stress or sympathetic for the sympathetic nervous system response.

The sympathetic nervous system response is subconscious, intuitive, innate intelligence! We are beings of physical perfection that require very little conscious thought to function. Whilst the power of our mind is immense, we are able to cause ourselves problems by believing we can improve ourselves through training & controlling our body in such a way that our innate intelligence is unable to function. So, I am going to start with what stimulates the fight response, followed by how that impacts the body physically & chemically, as well as how & why it impacts other organ systems.

Stimulating the fight response is all about survival (innate intelligence), and it has been put to me, on the most simple understanding, that it will be stimulated if we are out of balance physically. But let’s dig a little deeper… actually, later, as we need to know what the fight response does (which essentially is pulling us out of balance), or how it is recognised & released.

Falling over, or being out of balance physically, is the start of the perpetually tightening muscle system. Falling over is not an ideal situation to be in for survival, perhaps we are injured, perhaps we have had a fright, perhaps we ate something toxic… whatever it was, once we are on the ground we are not in a position to defend ourselves, or run (fight/flight). Subconsciously our nervous system will direct our muscles to move our bones to stop the fall, or bounce us back up (if our muscles are all neutral & ready to respond).

Responding… our nervous system is receiving balance messages (based on our centre of gravity shifting) & responding constantly by tweaking muscles to keep our skeleton upright, or fall in such a way to minimise injury. This is for regular activities, walking, running, lifting bulky or heavy items. For more serious messages, of danger, the response is greater, with the muscle system pulling our bones into a posture that creates forward momentum, by tilting us forward so we can catch ourselves in a rapidly increasing run, or land a really good swinging arm. Our eyes bulge to increase our visual sense, our chin tilts to enhance the same & our ribs are thrust to push the breath high in our chest for rapid breathing to fuel our body. Within this physical response, our chemical system changes.

Hormones for pain killing or feeling good are released, our chemical composition is coming into line with our physical situation, ensuring we carry on through injury. We are incredible beings & remember all this takes no thought, or even conscious recognition of the danger, as our being receives messages from the vibration of people or animals around us. Oh, and don’t forget the adrenalin! That is released into the system to keep us pumped up.

Stimulation of the fight response is caused by the perception of physical danger, examples are driving a car, standing near traffic, watching television. There is also the food we eat, sugar, coffee, alcohol, and the products we use, cleaning or skin care. Then there is our approach to health. We are often locked into past experiences or the seeking of future achievements… the gym sessions, rigid diet protocols, detox protocols, supplements, medications, herbals etc etc etc.

I am going to use the digestive system as an example to help with comprehension in the next little bit, however, it is any system in your body, of which you have 12 that will be drained to fuel your survival response.

The physical fight response is the tilt of the pelvis & thrust of the lower ribs forward, providing the posture to run/fight & pushing the breath high to fuel our exertion, this shortens the back line & physically squeezes the adrenals where they sit near the lower ribs, there is also a locking down of the abdominal muscles that restricts the peristalsis (pulsing) of your digestive organs, as well as the internal blood & energy flow that feeds the digestive organs being rerouted to the situationally more important muscles. So energy is drawn from one area to assist the survival during danger, and when the danger is passed, the energy is released back to the (in this case) digestive system.

Use this supported rest position to take the physical pressure off your digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory organs.

So if we are so perfect, what is the problem?

Problem being, when we are constantly exposed to sympathetic nervous system stimulating situations, our body stops jumping up and releasing down, creating a habit (like driving a car). On principle a good idea (driving a car), but in reality, your habitually tight muscles, holding you in fight mode, have created an internal situation where your digestive system is now locked in limited energy flow, and held tight by rigid abdominal muscles… and generally not working optimally.

And, to add to this, because you are now locked up tight, in fight mode, when you experience a danger, or stressful situation, you have no ability to respond, which makes a situation that you can intellectually recognize as a small issue, a really big problem, because your system is aware of not being able to respond, which leads to anxiety or panic, or an explosive response. And due to the habitually tight muscles, you are now experiencing the feeling of having no more to give, of not being able to cope with anything else.

So, in Maia Movement, first we rest, we find a position that we can support ourselves within to provide the message that we are safe, and in that space of safety, your habitually tight muscles can start to release, and you begin to create space, which means you have the ability to respond when a situation arises. Then we start to move, in a way that does not stimulate our right response, we develop respect for our limits, we observe ourselves honestly, and we begin to move with presence. We seek nothing, we are perfect, we have spent our lifetime building this being, and once we see ourselves honestly, and understand ourselves physically, we can soften, lengthen & become balanced on all levels. Spiritually, emotionally, psychologically & physically (and for those concerned, that results in sustainable balance between muscles, bones & fat).

If you want more of your innate intelligence, get in touch for a zoom meeting, or to gain access to my online course Feeling the Space of Emptiness.

Love, Juli

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