Welcome to my morning walk, under the full moon setting and in the company of the local, lone goose riding the current of the Mary River… a Northern flowing river in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mary River, Gympie, Queensland, Australia

And as I walked, my mind wandered to Maia Movement, how it is everything in the nothing, it is the bliss of thoughtlessness which is responsiveness freely expressed for the highest good. It becomes ritual and practice free. In that freedom, ritual and practice becomes a fun, beautiful part of your life… it is about being in the present moment… being the eternal bliss of the present moment.

As I meandered near the river, I spoke my thoughts to my phone to tell you it is ok to let go of the need to be better, look different, it is ok to stop living in the future… it is also ok to acknowledge your limits, or fears that are part of your past, it is safe to do this if you are being in the present moment. Which got me considering the doings that interrupt being in the present moment.

One of the doings that a lot of us love is the removal of our body hair. This wonderful interface we have with the world external to our skin. Our hair picks up on vibration and our hair root has sensory nerve fiber… so think about the inflammation from waxing, or what you are removing with microblading… or the quarterizing from laser hair removal…

Know what you are doing!

Hair removal is a great interrupter of being present and enjoying the bliss of thoughtlessness, as we spend time annoyed at ourselves because we are unsightly, we plan time in the future to rectify the unsightliness that is coming, and our chosen approach to fixing this problem has the effect of cutting down our connection to the present moment because our interface has been removed.

Once we remove our interface, the gentle messages that vibrate ahead of events are quietened, we are now exposed to feeling the messages when they are closer, and a little more shocking as they now hit the skin, our warning system receptors are diminished… this would be the energetic effect.

The physical effect is loading inflammation into our body, each hair follicle damaged requires healing, so our immune system gets to work doing this, then regrowing the missing piece. Our lymphatic system and nervous system is busy under our arms and in our groin… so constant hair removal in these areas is taxing on the body, and when you look at the coverage of waxing, full leg, chest, back… you can start to appreciate how hard we are making the body work, for the effect of being aesthetically pleasing to others.

Mindfulness plays a part here, and our minds amazing ability to push through pain, in this case is detrimental to our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects.

If it hurts, it is hurting you. We cannot create well-being with anything that is painful.

If you must, then balance it with taking better care of your healing from the trauma.

Maia Movement is about embodying presence, pure self-love, self-acceptance and self-responsibility.

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