Posture is … actually what is the definition of the word posture… … … … … … OK

I just did a quick google & here are the 1st three definitions… what key words jump out for you in the following?

“the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting” (noun)

“behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead.” (verb)

“Good posture is the attitude which, is assumed by Body parts to maintain stability and balance with minimum effort and least strain during supportive and nonsupportive positions.”

Here is a little bit from my posture video on Maia Movement, teachable, an online course platform.

Well for me the 3 words, and why are following…

HOLDS ooooo Exhausting! Straight up first thought, feels tiring, means conscious muscular effort… means physically tired, mentally busy…


MISLEAD hahaha – reminds me of the time I was told that if I wanted to “look” like a proud woman, I should lift and enhance (imagine the gesture of hands held infront of the body, belly button height, as if holding a small melon in each palm, and then being moved up the chest before being gently pushed away from the body, about nipple height) my feminine assets. Hahahahahaha, oh brings a tear to my eye, good times, gladly short lived!

And lastly

ASSUMED jumped out at me as the MoAFups… but that might be word association, but then got all mangled with attitude (see mislead above).

Posture is easy, to feel, not to explain…

However, if it is not easy, there are tensions that you need to let go, to be able to rest your weight on the ground, allowing your bones to do their job, and the muscles to be neutral and available to the nervous system as it receives information from subconscious information gatherers found throughout your body that register if you are not stable or aligned (in danger of falling over) to which the nervous system responds by tweaking the available muscles to draw you back into alignment so the muscles release back to neutral & the nervous system awaits the next registered issue to keep you upright, minimum effort required, no conscious thought…

unlike the above paragraph, which sums up why there can not be conscious thought for you to function optimally… as you, well as any of us humans, are unable to direct all the tiny responses that happen in the body to function… but with out limited conscious ability that we use to control our body we can really screw things up… see below.

So what gets in the way of this happening is habitually tight muscles, which actually pull you out of alignment, stimulating the nervous system to respond… and being that the issue was caused by habitual tension, the nervous system cannot allow the release of the response, and now you have opposing muscles in habitual tension. One thing that causes habitual tension, is standing up straight based on what looks good (again, see mislead above).

And on this cycle goes as the nervous system attempts to restore balance, until you have no muscles left to tweak, you are at the end of your rope psychologically, there is no ability to respond, so any perceived danger becomes a very serious drama that pushes you to breaking point.

There is pain, exhaustion, dis-ease, discomfort, you have nothing left to give, so you start searching, you need treatments, you need breaks away to recharge, you move through life with highs and lows, becoming reliant on supplements & treatments to get you through.

You start to isolate yourself from people, cutting out anything that irritates you, restricting diets, having poor reactions to food, people & places. Blaming anything that reminds you that your reserves are depleted, and that you need to do something different, but you don’t know what you have done, you followed all the advice, you strengthened, dieted, supplemented, detoxed, exercised, retreated, positive thought, mantras, meditation… and here you are again, falling down exhausted, emotional, anxious… what do you do?

Well, you stop doing, and you start being. You be the balance of your muscles & bones working in harmony.

Your posture is good, honest, when you bones & muscles are working dynamically together. It feels like when you are holding a coat hanger (your shoulder girdle), with a heavy suit jacket hanging on it, the dense layered dinner jacket hangs solidly toward the ground (your soft tissues, muscles of the upper chest, arms etc). Now imagine you move your hand to & fro, and the jacket swings forward and back, almost fluid like a wave moving through the material (the rhythm of your breath).

Your bones have you, your muscles move your bones. You can relax knowing that when these two systems are working harmoniously, balance will return to all your systems…

If you want more, check out my teachable school, the full video is on there, and you can access courses which are all about you knowing what you are doing, and refining it in motion.

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