Maia Movement… just a name

A name to embrace the energy of seasons as found throughout the natural world; a knowing that the natural world will thrive without human intelligence. You are the natural world, you are perfect in your highs & lows… Maia Movement is the judgement free observation of your physical being, for you to release habitual muscle tensions; which will soften your emotional memories; make space for flexibility in your psychological; freeing your flow of spiritual energy between the earth & the universe.

I like Maia, as she is a goddess of spring, the time of new life that causes the chaotic upheaval of growth. Spring follows the death found in winter, and from thawed earth the new growth reaches for the sky… Maia Movement is feeling & embracing that motion within you.

Talking this understanding is surely near impossible, for presence is the balance of all 12 organ systems, as well as our physical, spiritual, emotional & psychological selves in harmony… it is the power of now, living in presence, being grounded…


Your unique expression is found within your human form. Your human form is the culmination of all that has gone before. Do you fight it, choosing to create something better or different than the unique perfection of what you have? Are you obliviously living with acceptance that your future is shaped by your past? Or are you walking the fine line between these worlds, respectful of what you have, refining your movements to honour your past & choose your future? Do you stand in your power, that effortless place of balance between the muscular & skeletal systems?


Emotions are a wonderful experience, the howling grief of losing a loved one is an expression you have loved fully. The anger that rises up when your freedom is threatened, to be channeled into proactive response. The bubbling of joy found in each moment spent in presence, created by observing without judgement the irritating frustration felt as you hold yourself back in memories of past experiences, or from casting your thoughts to fear future possibilities.


The right & wrong of the world, labels, excuses, the black & white & referenced, he said, she said, scientifically proven, lab tested, peer reviewed, certified, identity… Being present is to be your natural & unique expression of universal energy. We are the knowing of the universe, we are able to feel the result of choices before we make them, we are all capable of listening to our being respond to situations & direct us for our highest good… we can do this now, and build a society that allows us to live this way.


Consciousness, universal energy, life… we are each, any & all of it. It is not something we have, and it is not something we need to attain, when we start feeling ourselves, observing without judgement, expectation or intention, when we have our complete & natural breath, we are in universal flow… when we are using any part or aspect of ourselves purposefully or with force, we interrupt the tidal flow that will give us the response we need.

Universal energy, consciousness

Enjoying it is a freedom that no one can take away from you, no situation or environment can deplete your life force… even death, unless you fight against it. You have your brilliance within, the entire ocean observed in the tidal flow of your complete & natural breath. Enjoy living!

Innate intelligence

Your innate intelligence is buried under layers of muscular tension, created by emotional trauma, physical injury or repetition, psychological or spiritual rigidity and ancestral energies. Muscular tensions limit the response-ability of your muscle system, which feeds back to the nervous system the message that you are not able to support yourself. It creates a feeling of being at the end of your rope, anxiety, panic, fear. When you make yourself feel safe, you free up space for responding.

Stress response

You are a survivor because you are nature, the stress response provides you energy & power to fight or run. When danger is registered, the nervous system prepares the human form into a posture for strength & energy, as well as some chemical releases to thicken blood & dull pain. The nervous system activates the muscles to posture the skeleton, draining energy from the presently unnecessary systems to fuel those needed in a survival situation.

Complete & natural breath

The blissful rhythm of the universe. Your unique expression of universal energy flowing, tidal, perfectly tuned to nature, your environment, the situation in which you find yourself. Let your mind roam freely to the unlimited potential in your being, as you let go of the restrictions controlling the universe within you creates. Restrictions (muscular tensions, habits), restrict flow, physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually.

Maia Movement is…


You discovering the knowing that is buried beneath your tensions.

You observing yourself without judgement.

You being equal, living without awe of another.

You accepting yourself as you are, pure unconditional self love.

You requiring nothing external to be or feel happy

You doing less to allow your unique expression of universal energy that only you can be.

You becoming physically comfortable, effortlessly strong, sustainable energy.

You enjoying the rolling sea of emotions that is experiencing life.

You being an open mind, free to explore any ideas or concepts, unlimited potential.

You being an open flow of consciousness, adventuring through spiritual studies without losing yourself to regimes of fanaticism.

You knowing the universe, as found within you… As above, so below… as within, so without.

You living without fear.

You living Love.

free courses & more

I have set up a teachable site as a platform for adding multiple videos & sound files to help people who are choosing to live without religion, modalities, concepts, or having to rely on anyone for their health & well being. People who can function, not be drained by living within the limits of current society, but people who want to open up to the universe at the same time, without subscribing to conceptual practices that are good for you. People who can benefit from life within every moment, every situation is an opportunity… people who are label free & require no recognition, who are involved.

Maia Movement has free courses, short instructions of positions to rest in to create a feeling of safety in your nervous system, allow the muscle system to release habitual tensions, free up space in your psychological & soften memories associated with emotional experiences. There is also an option to get a bit deeper with weekly video & sound file sessions that will guide you through experiencing your physical being, from the safety of the floor, and moving toward getting you feeling that safe standing upright.

You will be working with unearthing your complete & natural breath, discovering your range of motion, trusting your effortless strength… found in your bones, releasing intellectual control of your muscles so they are free to respond to your nervous system with sustainable energy … since your bones are doing their job as your strength.

You will embody balance, respect your range of motion, move in alignment, be in the present…

You will be… I am.

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  1. […] Maia Movement is how I found my safety human being is, how to observe myself without interrupting my rhythm, how to express myself honestly. How to embody self-respect and give the same respect to another. […]


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