What do you do that keeps your systems unnecessarily busy, and is the value of
why you do what you do worth it?

Here I focus on hair removal, what I want to communicate is how you can understand a diagnosis of lymphatic issues, general inflammation & add in some self care that helps manage the effect of what you have done.

I wax, I have lasered… hair removal is part of life… as long as you don’t need to do it to be happy.

I have a client who turns up, cold & clammy (to my touch), who has been told their lymphatic system is not working (diagnosis), that they need to get it moving, go and get a lymphatic massage. Which is a beautiful bandaid.

There is no right or wrong, and there is no isolation, here we will roam through some physical systems, and your emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects that are relevant… these are your everything, and your everything needs your unconditional love, and integrated freedom as an integral part of your human physicality. Softening your dislike or hate of your natural beauty (the body hair of beauty) is going to lessen the load on your lymphatic system, increase circulation to your skin, which will make your covering a little less slick & hostile, softening your experiences with the world. Your external level of intuition, that has been dulled by the physical trauma associated with hair removal.

Your skin & body hair… integrated with your nervous system, lymphatic system, blood… whilst the hair will always grow back, and the skin will heal… consider the depth to which you are traumatising large parts of your being, creating injury that needs to be healed by the body… the energy this requires.

Lymphatic Massage

With regards to lymphatic circulation, a therapist is able to mechanically stimulate circulation, provide a comforting, safe place for relaxing, to which the nervous system responds to the feeling of safety (or, exhaustion overwhelms you & you give up) to let go of habitual tensions within the muscle system, which softens the hold on the circulatory tubes (lymphatic, arterial, veinous, nervous) within your body, allowing for free flowing nourishment & waste removal. This is natural.

What can interrupt the lymphatic system?

I have focused on hair removal because the client mentioned had used laser hair removal. I will also write on habitual muscle tension that results from a compromised intuition that follows hair removal… habitual muscle tension is associated with the stress response, the energy flow of the sympathetic nervous system.

Hair as the interface between you & the outside world?

Hair is ruffled by the slightest of breezes, a note played on a violin will vibrate a playerless violin to the same tone… Vibration that hits a hair penetrating the skin to the nerve endings wrapped around the root… will be received better than vibration that hits skin bouncing off the external layers of skin that cover the nerve endings no longer connected to the outside world. Hair is a means of communication between your innate intelligence & the energetic & physical outside world.

Sensory nerve fibers wrap the hair follicle

Is this what we damage with waxing, and cook (quarterize) with laser hair removal. Logic would say that removing the hair is to remove our interface, a part of our survival system that picks up on external energy, and to wax or laser would be to push our sensory nerves deeper within our skin. Then there are the blood vessels & lymphatic tissues in the area that are impacted by the inflammation.

Physically, this requires healing of the damage by your immune system, and a regrowth of what is meant to be there by your body. This takes time, and is a long term & continuous draining of your energy. Whilst hair removal may be quite small in the mind of most, what is the surface area affected? And what other effects does this cause?

The pain associated with hair removal causes the stress response to ready you to fight or run… and the shortening & stiffening of select muscle groups applies more pressure to the lymphatic system already busy attempting to heal the injury… what this means is that the healing of the injury is put on hold, until the danger has passed & the nervous system has calmed.

A modern day twist…

Most of us do not have a nervous system that is ever actually in parasympathetic, the rest, digest & heal energy. This is a result of our amazing ability to create habits from repetition, think driving a car. Whilst this capability is so good when in balance, when we get locked into the stress response, our habits become built around the locked on fight/flight/freeze response. Tensions grind us down, placing more pressure on our bodies. We lose the tidal flow of energy that should gently swing between fight/flight/freeze and rest/digest/heal… we become locked into fight/flight/freeze and any organ system not required to fight & run for survival, remains under-energized, sluggish, malnourished.

What to do? What to do?

Well, know what you do, know the effect of your choices, whilst it is hair removal, it is also so much more. Develop some compassion for yourself, when you add up hair removal with everything else you do that taxes your system, you may start to understand why you are exhausted, drained, poorly…

Know what you do, and why.

Is it for you? Family? Society? Fashion? Health? Looks? Is it nourishing for you, does it feel good, or does it hurt?

Add in some soothing & nourishing…

Bolster yourself with added leafy green vegetables, fermented foods & bone broth.

Increase the good stuff to shift your cravings sustainably.

Get local with your skin care products to minimize the preservatives, keep it fresh.

Check our Maia Movement for some free videos, designed to get you rest/digest/heal-ing.

Body Brush, gently buff your skin, all over before you shower, once a day. Use a dry face cloth or a natural bristle body brush. A soft way to exfoliate each day, keeping skin fresh & new growth able to shine, ingrown hairs to a minimum, stimulates the circulatory systems.

Each of us is unique, with our own variables

So take what resonates with you, softly back down from the fight with yourself, your body hair is part of you, it is part of your intuition, your nervous system. Self love needs self acceptance…

Love Juli

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