Nutrition, nutrients, scientifically proven, avoid, include, minimum, maximum… etc etc etc

Do you eat an extravagantly luxurious diet of nutrient dense super foods… or do you eat as nature intended, locally grown, seasonal produce? What makes you choose these foods, and what will happen if you cannot access your food of choice?

Your perfection of human physicality.

There is so much more to nutrient uptake than what you choose to eat. I want to remind you that I believe we are perfectly designed in our human physicality, and our human physicality is an expression of, and a director to our emotional, psychological & spiritual aspects. Human physicality is tangible, it is your personal power within the flow of universal energy. There is no fight needed, no training to improve on natures perfection. Embodying presence is the awareness of your being, without judgement, without expectation.

Memories, experiences, genetics, ancestry… all these and more are your lessons for life. The lessons are held in your tissues, in your DNA… Maia Movement is about knowing yourself, and allowing yourself, and in this unconditional love of honest acceptance you can feel a better way, a way that will increase the strength of vibration from each cell building your perfect being.

Digestion, in human physicality

Bio-availability… Where are you putting this perfect product, sourced in a bottle, created in a lab or other sterile environment, shipped from the other side of the world, taken from some pristine wilderness… are you “making the most of this”… and if you are not, what is the point? And what does “making the most of this” actually mean. And if you could make the most of what you chose to eat, would you need this fancy, well marketed, sweetly packaged, perfect super food?

To understand “making the most of this”… the this that you are consuming, is to understand the health of where you put the nutrients. Terrain Theory… and following is the cycle of why it doesn’t matter what you eat, if your nervous system is locked into fight/flight/freeze or sympathetic nervous system energy. Woven into this will be logic behind why your nervous system is locked into sympathetic nervous system… and what you can do about it. Which means you can eat whatever you want in the environment in which you live (listening (feeling) to your gut intuition) you are your expert… G.U.R.U!)

Parents you are your children’s G.U.R.U… the vibration of cells is communication between us all.

There is nowhere to start, and nothing that can be isolated or blamed to create health. I recently had the best conversation with a farmer… he followed his own logic. Linking what he was learning to feel during his Maia Movement sessions to his recent dietician/nutritionist workshop… I wish I could be recording these fabulous moments.

Nutrients, nutrient density, bio-available… we can get as detailed as we want to. But bio-availability is what I want to look at.

Bio-availability is a relationship, not a product.

Bio-availability indicates the absorption capacity of a nutrient. The relationship is between what you eat & where you put it… your gut… and your gut is the tube that weaves it’s way through you starting at your lips and finishing at your anus.

Your gut is long, it has teeth, it has hair like microvilli, there is mucousal linings, bacteria, enzymes, acid, muscles moving what you eat through from start to finish. These organs have blood flow (arteries and veins), nervous system pathways, lymphatic capillaries. There are sphincters.

Chewing your food

You choose a food to eat, the digestive process starts with the chewing, the mixing of enzymes with food products, you should be swallowing a liquid substance… do you chew that much? Do you chew on both sides of your mouth? Do you chew your juices and smoothie’s?

Well done if you do this, if not you are swallowing food that is not intestine ready. You are swallowing particle sizes that should not be meeting your intestinal mucous. You are swallowing nutrients in a chemical composition that your intestinal mucous is not designed to absorb.

But this is ok… this is a small issue that the body, in parasympathetic nervous system energy is designed to deal with. A toxic, or poorly prepared substance will be recognised and hurried through the system. Not a problem, unless you are not in parasympthetic nervous system energy… or the rest/digest/heal energy.

My blog on the Stress Response goes into this too, and get logical/practical with the blog on Posture… but for digestion, I feel there are 2 main problems in the digestive system that exist if you are in sympathetic nervous system energy… Limited nervous system energy, blood flow & lymphatic activity to and from the digestive organs… and a physical restriction of the organs from tight muscles, preparing your skeletal system for running or fighting. Lets look at these, and with an understanding that each problem feeds into the other and then loops into the other and you are perpetually limiting your digestive organs.

Sympathetic Nervous System Energy

Get ready for a winding road through your organ systems. How your gut is impacted by your nervous system, why your nervous system responds like this… and how it loops into itself to become a perpetual loop feeding into sympathetic nervous system energy.

Starting with your nervous system detecting danger, and this can be real or perceived, you may be aware of the danger or it may be a subconscious response… we are looking here at what this feels like, what happens in your physical, and how this impacts your gut health.

Danger is identified, and your nervous system readies you to fight/run or flee/freeze, this is for your survival, it is a good response system in the body. There are endless theories on what happens first, and as long as you can read these papers and know what this feels like, you will understand, and have power over the follow on to danger being identified.

The danger response activates in the body, which contracts muscles to pull the skeleton out of alignment with gravity (your momentum is now falling) which, when used correctly adjusts your weight to drive your feet into a fast run, or unquestionable leverage for a good punch. You are ready to go. So, let’s dissect this a little further.

Your alignment with gravity has been adjusted, instead of your skeleton standing perpendicular to the earth surface, you are now falling forward.

Your psoas has shortened, tilting your hips, shortening your lower back & thrusting your lower ribs forward.

The ribs thrusting forward pushes your diaphragm out of alignment, adjusting your breathing to be high in the lungs, as well as short and fast to fuel O2 to the muscle system.

The neck follows the spine into a coiled spring sensation, mimicking the shortening of the lower back in the back of the neck, and your chin is thrust forward, the weight of your head assisting your necessary & usable falling forward skeletal alignment which also encourages a bulging of your eyes.

As your lower back shortens, the pelvis tilts & the diaphragm is altered, your belly organs are at risk of falling over the pubic bone, so your abdominal wall tightens, containing the organs, holding them tight against the spine… inhibiting their natural rhythm as the nervous system also inhibits energy & blood flow to these organs, directing all your energy into your muscle system and survival senses to give you the best chance of getting out alive.

The digestive system is rendered ‘sluggish’, both physically and circulatory, it is not needed in the fight for survival, it’s energy directed into the production of adrenalin, muscle activation and exertion. Remember, this is an excellent choice of energy flow given the circumstances.

So, let’s focus on a couple of key points… by no means a complete overview… but, if the stress response pulls the skeleton out of alignment with gravity, readying you to survive, rendering the digestive system sluggish… what happens if you are locked in the sympathetic nervous system energy.

Living locked in sympathetic nervous system energy, is locked in a posture of falling over, which feeds into the need for survival, which locks in the nervous system response to contract muscles to hold you up, which become locked on as your survival response is locked onto pulling you over, and your digestive system is locked in between your shortened lower back & spine, and your hard abdominal wall.

Blood, lymph & nervous system flow are slowed to your organs, allowing waste products to build within the low flow system, and the organs are locked into a physical state of limited pulsing or peristalsis that the organs (functioning optimally) would be enjoying after you had eaten.

What activates the Sympathetic nervous system energy?

Think caveman… so anything unusual that our human being needs to be aware of, and either deal with or let go.

Traffic… zooming through time and space in our cars, standing beside a busy road, television, scary movies, the stress of the clock… anything that a caveman would be scared of, causes the same response in us… but we have trained ourselves to expect the situation, now we need to look at releasing the physical response.

Maia Movement is the observation of the body, the breath, the range of motion, the responses to situations, and it is as simple as observing our being, and in this observation, we are telling ourselves that the danger is not real.

If the danger was real, you would not be observing yourself, you would be responding.

Any treatment we have received to fix us, without awareness, any drugs or painkillers we have taken to get through, these choices have taken us a step away from feeling ourselves, further away from being able to observe ourselves honestly. We feel the limits of control we live within, we feel our fight with universal energy… we identify ourselves without judgement.

Honest self-observation, complete self-acceptance, unconditional self-love… moving with true self-respect, to the rhythm of our thoughtless, complete & natural breath… is to embody presence, to ride the tides of universal energy, to move as one.

I feel like this is not finished, but it is bed time… if you have reached here and have questions… that will be fantastic! Love Juli

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