Feminine and Masculine

I felt the suffocation of the masculine yesterday.

I felt the lack of self belief, the unhappiness towards a beautiful, primal body.

I know the striving to achieve a look, that is equated to health, that is sold as what is needed.

I feel the confusion, the unhappiness associated with the self-control as these approaches loose their effectiveness.

The control to meet a standard which is causing an imbalance, and ill health.

The standard has been expressed for years in the look of a woman. The control over what to wear, the body hair, the makeup, the shoes… the posture… all with the principle of control, to be seen as something other than the naturally strong, beautiful woman we all are when we are standing effortlessly in our power. When are are not propped up by doing or taking anything to improve how we look.

Buying to create how we look is not health.

I felt it yesterday, the standard has jumped to men, that they strive to achieve strength, that they must perform these activities to become that which is more appropriate than what they are in the present. That they are weak unless, that they are not strong without… that they need to do more to become. Like women, they are now becoming exhausted.

Women, exhausted, have been asking for equality, and in their tiredness, using communication that they know, that is easily understood in our current social climate, that of masculine principle, that of fight, of proving ourselves on another’s playing field. We see it in our speech… the fight for this… the battle against… the control is making us simple, we are suffocating the complexity of our being.

We see it in our bodies, women becoming hard. The controlling the way they look, the aim to flatten any curves, hide any signs of softness, remove any reminders of the complexity of life found in our wrinkles. Our exterior becomes simple, the same.

Men, are now under the same influence. Sent to become healthy through building better, stronger… but also to be expressing their feminine. The feminine we have all been taught to suppress.

The confusion sees the masculine and feminine being controlled so forcefully, our physical health is suffocating under our fear of honestly expressing ourselves. The generations under this direction are largely no longer aware of their honest selves. Simplicity has blended us all into the acceptable being, a wobbly tightrope between behaving appropriately to not offend anyone else yet being taught to accept everyone for who they are… whilst under the control of behaving appropriately… this reads like nothing, but it is everything.

Ourselves, we each are a balance of masculine and feminine energy… and these energies flow in response to the present experience we are in. Our skeleton masculine, our soft tissues feminine… and within these two organ systems you can find the masculine and feminine…

For health we are told that muscles (feminine) need to be controlled, trained, strengthened, hardened, locked down limiting their ability to respond… restricting movement in our joints, putting pressure on our bones, pulling our whole being out of alignment.

Alignment, the effortless balance of our being, standing on the earth, held by the earth, under the weight of gravity resting on our head. Our bones taking our weight, as well as the weight of gravity effortlessly, our muscles twitching as directed by the nervous system to keep us upright, moving in the direction we desire. No conscious control required… this is our natural human ability.

We have suffocated our natural human ability. Our muscles now doing the job of our bones to keep us upright. This control is found in posture, a directed control beginning in young children, how we should present ourselves to appear proud, well behaved. Our mind consumed with controlling us.

This matures into control around building the habits of a successful person so you too can have lots of money, and people will admire you. Our time now spent on the external pursuits of happiness.

External happiness puts our internal environment under constant pressure. Energy is available for this, and it is assumed it would come from outside, but it comes from you.

Your energy that fuels striving for external happiness is drawn from other organ systems. Energy is directed into the forceful muscular system, bulging eyes… drained from the digestive system, reproductive system.

Drained organ systems become sluggish, digestive, reproductive, lymphatic. Muscles become separated into those unable to be used without a fight, and those already in use. We are now a constant internal fight for being alive. The fight a confusing mix of keeping control in a world where we are told to move with the flow… when to move at all requires force to get through the limits of habitual tension as we are carrying our weight around muscularly.

We are exhausted. We are going against the flow. Our expression is no longer honest.

Our internal environment is out of balance, organ systems under-energised, unable to do their job, and within our social climate, the answer is to push through, train more, build more strength, you are weak, find more nourishing food, create more nourishing, powerful supplements, take more… external health now being bought in to fuel our striving to find happiness outside ourselves.

But, you are well behaved, so you keep pushing, you force yourself to comply with what is expected.

Force in how we move, how we hold ourselves away from the ground, the foods we reach for without thinking feeds the biology in the soft tissues… or we fight it with strict adherence to diets full of restrictions, limitations, nutrient density…

Where there is tight/sore/numb muscles, there is limited circulation, the fluids alter & our internal environment becomes stagnant, organs & glands stop functioning, breeding a different bacterial balance in our internal environment.

In this way, we create & perpetuate our internal environment. Which means we have the power to release these tissues, improve fluid flow and freshen stagnant tissues, to bring the health of our internal environment back to a natural balance.

As our physical being returns to natural balance, each aspect of being human comes into balance… respected in each movement we make, honored with the food we thoughtlessly reach for, as requested by the naturally balanced internal environment that is feeding our physical being, as well as our soul.

A naturally balanced internal environment is able to experience nearly everything that the earth has for us, and our gut instinct is functioning to ensure we make the best choices… when we are not fighting, under the pressure of our own control, there is no stagnant areas of the body for toxins to build up in… they come, they are excreted… we know to choose better next time.

Bring your being into balance with Maia Movement… there is no place to start, but the module you choose will guide you, the principle underlying the guidance is developing your deep knowing, unleashing your innate intelligence… allowing your nervous system to direct your muscles in response to the situations you find yourself in…

Living is that simple, the complexity of being fully functional is thoughtless.

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