Feminine and Masculine

We each have these energies within us, we are perfectly designed for beautiful harmony between bones & muscles.

Perfectly energised with the universe pulsing us, observed in our unique breath rhythm.

Here we can start exploring how we each feed into the energetic inequality that exists in our world, because we treat ourselves with the same standards, which means we vibrate them… out into the universe.

Whilst I don’t talk on the breath moving the body upright in this video… it will give you a taste of how to feel yourself as hydraulic engineering.

The thoughtless awareness of being present, felt because we have a physical body.

So, why are we all so sick, exhausted, anxious, doubting, aggressive, defensive, genetically messed up, bacteria out of balance, organ failure, blood issues, weight problems… why are we any of these things outside of our perfection, outside the thoughtless bliss being present is.

I was given the answer to this question, as I was able to touch a male body lying on my massage table, with a little bit of background into his current life situation and health adventures… all the experts he was seeing, the medications, the exercises, the relaxation… his list of doing for his health was long.

And in this space, I felt how we use force, built on fear, to masculine-ise the feminine to suffocate the masculine.

I felt the underlying frustration, the masculine trying to be what the feminine wants, but also trying to survive, which was now a fight against the feminine.

I felt the disharmony, the restrictions in both causing restrictions in both… once out of balance, we become self-perpetuating.

I felt the lack of self belief, the unhappiness emanating from this beings dislike, disappointment of their beautiful, primal body.

I heard the story, of the striving to achieve a healthy ‘look’.

I felt the confusion, the frustration associated with actions and choices that loose their effectiveness.

The choices to control our being, to meet an acceptable, marketable standard. Choices which are causing an imbalance, and ill health on all levels.

The result of this control has been obvious for years in the look of a woman.

The control over what to wear, the body hair, the makeup, the shoes… the posture… all with the principle of control, to be seen as something other than the naturally strong, beautiful woman we all are when we are standing effortlessly in our power. When are are not propped up by doing or taking anything to improve how we look.

Standing effortlessly in our power, is bones and muscles in harmony, the breath (universal energy) pulsing our entire body, every breath, every time. Each bone riding the wave of our universal expression (breath), each joint gently articulated as the wave moves through.

Your spine should undulate as it rides the wave of every breath you take.

The control is getting tighter, our bones (masculine) being ratcheted down by our muscles (feminine) carrying us around.

Both are exhausted, muscles are not made for carrying us around, bones are, bones lose their worth when muscles override them and do their job.

This is our vibration, a body at war within itself, emanating this outward into our world.

What did I feel when working with this male?

I felt this man striving to achieve strength, trying to create a body that would perform the activities ‘sold’ as necessary. That they are weak unless they can do this… or they are not strong without training… that they need to do more to become. Like women, they are now becoming exhausted.

Women, exhausted, have been asking for equality, and in their tiredness, using the communication that they know, that is easily understood in our current social climate, that of masculine principle, that of fight, of proving ourselves on another’s playing field. We hear it in our speech… the fight for this… the battle against…

The control we are choosing is making us simple, we are suffocating the complexity of our being.

We see it in our bodies, women becoming hard. Controlling the way they look, the aim to flatten any curves, hide any signs of softness, remove any reminders of the complexity of life found in our wrinkles. Our exterior becomes simple, the same.

The confusion sees the masculine and feminine being controlled so forcefully, our physical health is suffocating under our fear of honestly expressing ourselves. The generations under this direction are largely no longer aware of what harmony feels like.

Simplifying ourselves, has created blandness, as we all follow the rules to be an ‘acceptable’ being, we shut down our emotions, which actually makes us angry, but we aren’t allowed to be angry, so we shut that down too… we become layers of repression.

When we shut down one emotion, energy-in-motion, we shut them all down… which makes us angry… anger should always be claimed as your own… regardless of what or who brings it up…

A physical being in harmony…

Harmony is the dynamic integration of all aspects or our being, with the earth holding our weight, as the cosmos supports us… universal energy flow pulses our breath.

Balance of masculine and feminine energy… is when these energies flow in response to the present situation we are in. Our skeleton masculine, our soft tissues feminine… and each of these organ systems have within them masculine and feminine… there is no separation, or isolation, we are the spiralling toroidal field.

What interrupts it is the over energising of our mental aspect, as we make it the most important thing in creating vibration… which is isolation and separation.

Giving your weight to your bones, is giving your masculine energy it’s expression… however, having undermined this energy for so long, we have created trust issues within ourself. Which, in the beginning with Maia Movement, is why we get down on the floor, we can trust that we won’t fall over there…

For health we are told that muscles (feminine) need to be strong, trained, strengthened, hardened, locked down limiting their responsibility due to habitually tight muscles, subconscious tension… in reality, when done with the force chosen when we are improving on nature… we are actually restricting movement in our joints, putting pressure on our bones, pulling our whole being out of alignment, compromising circulation, creating stagnation, and toxin buildup, exhausting ourselves.

Alignment is not about being straight, it is being effortless physical balance, resting our weight on the earth, supported by gravity.

Our bones taking our weight, as well as the weight of gravity effortlessly, our muscles twitching as directed by the nervous system to keep us upright, moving in the direction we desire. No conscious control required… this is our natural human ability.

We have been taught to, and chosen to believe concepts that have suffocated our natural human ability. Our muscles now doing the job of our bones. This control is expressed in posture, and labelled in body type… it is created in childhood, as we are told how we should present ourselves to appear proud, pay attention and look well behaved.

Our beautifully creative mind is now consumed with the unneccessary task of physically controlling us.

This matures into concepts of control, the building ‘habits of a successful person’ so you too can have lots of money, and people will admire you. Our time now spent on the external pursuits of happiness.

Your energy that is spent striving for external happiness, spiritual enlightenment and emotional calm is drained from within you, drawn from organ systems and aspects you have chosen as less important.

Energy that is directed into the forceful muscular system, bulging eyes… is energy that is drained from the digestive system, reproductive system. And within that choice, our digestion is compromised, and we are not in a state to absorb the nourishment from any of the foods we eat.

When our nervous system directs energy into our forceful choices, our drained organ systems become sluggish… digestive, reproductive, lymphatic…

We are now a constant internal fight for being alive. And it is self-perpetuating. The fight causing confusion as we continue to mentally keep control in a world where we are told to go with the flow… when to move at all requires force to get past the exhaustion, to push through the limits of habitual tension we have created to carry our weight around muscularly.

We are exhausted. We are going against the flow. But we perform, we keep up the looks, and our expression is no longer honest.

Our internal environment is out of balance, organ systems under-energised, unable to do their job, and within our social climate, the answer is to push through, train more, build more strength, you are weak, find more nourishing food, buy the newest nourishing powerful supplements, take more… external health now being bought in to fuel our striving to find happiness outside ourselves.

But, you are well behaved, so you keep pushing, you force yourself to comply with what is expected.

You listen to the external experts.

You follow the ‘ancient healing arts’.

What you need is what you feel… as universal energy, universal principle, the flow of your unique, complete and natural breath existed before all concepts and practices.

Force in how we move, how we hold ourselves away from the ground, the foods we reach for without thinking feeds the biology in the soft tissues… or we fight it with strict adherence to diets full of restrictions, limitations, nutrient density…

Where there is tight/sore/numb muscles, there is limited circulation, the fluids alter & our internal environment becomes stagnant, organs & glands stop functioning, breeding a different bacterial balance in our internal environment.

We can change this, by owning that we create, and perpetuate our internal environment. This gives us the power to release the tissues, to improve fluid flow and release toxins, taking the pressure off organs and glands, to bring the health of our internal environment back into natural balance.

As our physical being returns to natural balance, each aspect of being human comes into balance… respected in each movement we make, honored with the food we thoughtlessly reach for, that has what we need, and is requested by our naturally balanced internal environment feeding our physical being, as well as our soul.

A naturally balanced internal environment is able to experience nearly everything that the earth has for us, and our gut instinct is functioning to ensure we make the best choices… when we are not fighting, under the pressure of our own control, there is no stagnant areas of the body for toxins to build up in…

Bring your being into balance with Maia Movement… is to begin feeling the universal principles, the universal energy that you are.

There is no place to start, you are a dynamically integrated being, there is no underlying cause that you can find and let go of, you are more like an onion, layers and layers to adventure through… so the module you choose will guide you, the principle underlying the guidance is developing your deep knowing, un-inhibiting your innate intelligence… allowing your nervous system to direct your muscles in response to the situations you find yourself in…

Living is that simple, the complexity of being fully functional is thoughtless.

And whilst I started talking on the masculine and feminine… there is no isolation… there is no way we can learn this… but we can feel it, in the quality of our weight resting on the earth.

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