Detox… It should not hurt.

So, why do you need it, and why does it hurt? And how are these caused by the same internal situation in you…

We need to detox because we are out of balance, physically. However, if it hurts, it is hurting you, and the vibration of you hurting yourself, and justifying it is being sent out into the world.

Physical balance, is when our skeleton is taking the weight of our body and resting on the earth, our muscles can be relaxed or neutral, and our nervous system is in parasympathetic, or the energy of rest/digest/heal. In parasympathetic energy, all of your organ systems are operating optimally, your circulation of free flowing, there is no muscle tension limiting flow, or putting pressure on joints… You are fresh, your whole organism is available for your well being, and your bacteria is lively and in balance, the foods you desire fuelling the bacterial level you have…

When our skeleton is out of alignment on the earth, and the weight of our body, under gravity is making us at risk of falling, our nervous system, recognising the danger in falling, directs our muscles to contract & keep us upright (our muscles are designed to move us around, our bones are for uprightness). This is the sympathetic nervous system response, or fight,/flight/freeze. The bacteria in our system are energised by adrenalin & a posture of contraction, shortening, limited flow, thickened blood ensuring you are fight ready… this internal situation will have you reaching for quick fuel, foods that give a quick energy burst, and feed the bacteria associated.

The problems begin when we get locked in the posture of sympathetic nervous system energy. We get locked in from repetition; repetition of emotional experiences, or physical movements… That posture feeds the vibration of fight/flight/freeze into our internal environment, and we develop an imbalance of bacteria, combined with sluggish organ systems, thickened blood… and yes, a detox seems like a good idea.

Whilst your diet can be changed, and poor food choices can be removed, the internal environment, or posture, created by habitual muscular tension stays the same. This physical imbalance has caused the buildup of toxins, through poor circulation, and fluids becoming stagnant, along with sluggish digestive organs which have limited your uptake of nutrients from your food, and made your breathing shallow. Your being is depleted, and detoxing, which dumps the toxins back into your system, is met by the same depleted system, that was not able to cope, and has not the ability to cope with a greater rush of toxins.

So it hurts, unnecessarily hurts, sending the vibration of hurt into the universe, sending a message that it is ok treat yourself like that, that it is ok to behave like that.

I would like to enjoy better than hurt, I would like to enjoy nourishing good times, and I will continue to feed my soul when I need it (which is apple donuts with real dairy cream).

And I will know that as my posture can create the imbalance, the choice of food can also create the posture out of alignment, and with Maia Movement, and observing my being without judgment, I can soften the effects of eating what I want… and I know that my choices will be driven by my softened posture and I will not be extreme in my food choices, whilst also being able to deal with whatever my diet choice may be in the moment.

Food is not the answer, but where you put the food is your responsibility. I advocate for locally grown, in your own area, freshly picked, whole foods that are in season. Stay away from supermarkets, use your local fruit and vegetable stores or local vegetable markets.

Super foods are what grows in your backyard (or should grow there).

Anything that has been through a laboratory, on a plane, or travelled a good distance to get to you is no longer fresh or beneficial, and will tax your system, by way of stimulating that which should not be sluggish.

This from a biologically feminine human, who has a history of being enraptured by the supplement industry & latest superfoods… who has let all that fall away, and who enjoys coffee, alcohol & sugar, although my cake consumption has effortlessly fallen away over the past few years.

The golden rule I follow is…

How would I get this without electricity or petrol? How much of this can I eat by harvesting it, preparing it & then eating it, without the use of electricity or petrol?


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