Remineralise! Replenish your mineral levels by adding into your diet.

If you are feeling bloated, sluggish, dull, heavy, fizzy, sensitive, headachy… or any other sort of ill feeling, before you decide to detox, do some serious remineralizing!

Remineralise to prepare for (or avoid) detoxing.

FOOD… Add into your diet, mineral rich foods, fresh local, seasonal greens, lots of leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli… whatever you can get your hands on that will add to your daily food intake, and make it food, real fresh food.

PILLS & POTIONS… I do not take any supplements, superfoods or herbs that come in powder or pill form, and I stay away from anything scientifically formulated… but, for when I am working too hard, playing too hard, or just generally eating soul food that taxes my system, I have found a great liquid sea mineral that is made in my home town, 2-3 drops in a glass of water & I can feel my mineral levels rising, and balance returning.

FERMENTED VEGETABLES… raw, vegetable’s that have been fermented, preferably with your countries hand harvested mineral sea salt, as locally made as possible, better if made by you. A good sauerkraut or kimchi will boost your bacteria levels, promote gut health and bring in bioavailable (ready to absorb) minerals & vitamins.

FATS! Bone broth is the best, giving your gut lining a rich boost, and giving your body the right product to coat all your nerve pathways, but for vegans & vegetarians, get your fats from the plant that needs the least processing, avocado oil is my favourite for consuming… and mix them up.

My approach is as follows:

I always keep eating & drinking what I have been, as I am surviving, and I am making it through (this is measured by whether or not you are conscious, can make your own choices and are not under the direct care of a professional [in hospital])… if you can think & make choices, but are struggling, keep it simple…

In my poorest health, I knew to remove coffee would have almost killed me, I was bad enough already, so I found a more compassionate way through.

So, keep eating and drinking what you normally do… and ADD IN what will boost your mineral levels, with what works for you… the following are simple additions that can be adjusted for where you live, and what you have available, but there is no need for anything expensive, or a large range of products, infact, supplements in my experience tax the system, and busy up the kidneys, which we want functioning for a good processing of toxins.

REALLY SIMPLE; eat 1teaspoon of fermented vegetables every hour.

SIMPLE; Drink a big glass of water with 2drops of liquid sea minerals twice a day, make it 15minutes before your morning & evening fermented vegetable teaspoon.

REAL; Add steamed green vegetables to your morning & evening meal, and follow the fermented vegetable & sea minerals regime.

REALLY REAL; Add steamed green vegetables to your morning & evening meal, and a lovely green salad with avocado oil & fresh squeezed lime juice to your lunch, as well as the SIMPLE inclusions.

GOLD STAR WELL BEING; As you start to feel better, your bacteria levels will begin to change, and your stored toxins will start to be neutralised… this will lead you to wanting different food choices, so you should start to drop away any less than fabulous options that you were reaching for (cravings) to feed the bacteria thriving in your unbalanced system.

Building up your system to feel better does 2 things… begins neutralizing toxins, making you feel better… and… gives you the reserves needed to soften the response to removing foods deemed ‘bad’.

There is no good and bad, right & wrong… there is you, your soul, and your bacteria level… I’ll get into that in Detox… Why you need one is the same reason a detox will be hard…

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