Self compassion in Posture

reduces inflammation, improves circulation, creates detox & improves digestive function… balancing energy flow in all aspects of our physical & energetic selves.

When we are a dynamically integrated physical being, all our organ systems are optimally energised… within our nervous system energies as they are adjusted to meet our survival needs relative to our external environment.

We need no stimulants, we require no detox, we are a free flowing, harmonious organism. We are effortless strength, available energy & universal energy moves us through our blissfully thoughtless breath.

Shane has been dabbling in Maia Movement for 4 years… and whilst he felt the benefit of his refinements following each session, he hadn’t brought the awareness upright, into his everyday movements

And that is where the greatest change occurs!

Here he is using external means to give his body a helping hand, he is showing himself great compassion during a very real detox.

Whilst this clay mask helps the process, Shane started this detox without any treatments, or changes to his diet.

When we identify and release subconscious muscle tension, our circulation through previously tight muscle tissue starts to flow.

We become aware of how we have been creating the experience of our physical body.

Exhaustion = living with subconscious muscle tension drains our energy by have constantly contracted muscles, which means each move we make is limited by this tension, and requires us to pull against the tension…

Inflammation = subconscious muscle tension pulls our joints out of alignment as well as reduces the space between the bones… think of it like shoes that are too tight… and always, inflammation is GOOD! It limits the range of motion in a joint to allow for healing… reducing inflammation is best done by moving with respect to the limits on your range of motion, which allows healing in motion.

Toxin buildup = Muscles should contract, then release to neutral. Stretching is not necessary when we are dynamically integrated… when our muscles & bones are working in harmony. So, if there is toxin buildup, there is limited circulation due to the muscle not completing the full pump of the contract & release… and also because the fluid wave of the breath is unable to move freely through tight tissues… multiple reasons… including the following

Digestive issues = when we are in danger, real or perceived, the energy for the fight/flight nervous system response (sympathetic, stress response) is taken from our digestive system, and directed into our muscles & senses… to ensure we have the energy to get us to safety… now, if our skeleton is being pulled out of alignment by subconscious muscle tension, our nervous system is always registering we are not safe… and so we have a permanently sluggish digestive system, which is also being held tight buy the muscle tension associated with the stress response… which stops the digestive organs being able to pulse in their design.

Good Posture & Healthy Posture…

Two very different things!

Good posture is based on looks & books

Healthy posture is all about you!

What do we do when things stop working for us, when we become unwell?

The fashion is to blame something outside of us, food, work, family, genetics, and whilst some of these are pretty close to home… they can only take our energy if we don’t know ourselves.

Treatments are also external, diet changes, supplements, pills, exercise… all external… relaxation, meditation… all external things that you can “do”. Doing more things to try to find your balance, stimulating more responses to get them to be more active.

All you need to do is stop choking them, stop doing what you are already doing that is causing the circulation problems, the hormonal feedback problems, the nervous system that is locked into the stress response…

All you need to do is identify and release subconscious muscle tension, by moving compassionately to your internal range of motion…

All you need to do is feel yourself, feel what you are doing…

Physically feel yourself! The answers are within you.

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