The spirituality of poo; how it impacts presence, and affects the future.

Laughter from the being on the massage table

The giggle of realisation hit them, as my weight flowed into my forearm where it rested on their glutes. they felt how they were holding themselves… they felt what it was that kept them locked into the energy of past experience.

“How you do one thing is how you do everything”, and it is all expressed somewhere in our physical being, so we can feel how we are doing what we are doing…

How our glutes/pelvic bowl are held tight with muscular tension, is linked to our past, things like holding our legs together, wearing heeled shoes, training for a sexy booty… the habitually tight muscles we create impact the effectiveness of waste (poop/urine/menstrual) release. If we are not freely releasing waste when our body is done with it, this will be expressed in how we let go of the past.

Carrying around waste that is past it’s usefullness, means that energy is being dragged into the present, and propelling us into the future.

Judgement free observation, or even better, enjoy what you create!

Embrace all of your natural aroma’s!

Let go of the perfumes, deoderant, air-fresheners, air purifiers, cleaning products… anything that came in a bottle or packet.

Give yourself a little help, get a squatty potty or stool (pun?). Lifting your feet up and raising your knees above your pelvis will soften the muscles surrounded the openings that release waste.

What does it mean if it hurts when we fart?
There is subconscious muscle tension that is linked to an inability to let go, and a strong desire to hide our reality from the world.

What does it mean if we get sharp stabbing pains when we need to release waste?
There is subconscious muscle tension that is holding the colon so tightly, that even though it is full, and it starts to move to release the load, there is no space to do this… it is like wearing shoes that are too tight… the tissues in this area are being squeezed so tight, they are like squeezing a sponge and holding it tight under running water… the sponge is dry until you release your hold on it.

And then most of us go & sit on the toilet in a way that does not create space for our colon to release, and maybe we experience more pain.

How can we start to enjoy our personal waste removal?

Store bought products…
When we make choices to mask the natural aroma of our body & home, we interrupt our olfactory ability, some products will simply overpower the aroma… other products will damage your olfactory tissues.

But the use of these products, makes us unfamiliar with our true self.

Either way, we are interrupting an integral feedback loop.

We are interrupting messages that would normally be received by the olfactory senses, setting off reactions in our organ systems, making adjustments to our hormonal, bacterial, chemical, fungal…

When we interrupt our aromatic appreciation, our body is not able to make these minute adjustments at the time… which would be releasing certain hormones, reaching for a certain food, moving in a different direction, resting…

As the response is not coming, the requests get stronger… our smells get stronger, and we probably experience cravings & repulsion…

As we continue to smother the feedback, the messages become symptoms… and then we are hit harder, coming from the outside with creams, treatments, lotions, potions… invasive proceedures.

The response gets passed to an expert, and the treatments come from further away.

Maia Movement is about releasing the physical restrictions we have on ourselves, these can be felt, and what these feel like are unique to each of us.

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