Maia Movement – October 2022

The Space of Emptiness

We are full of memories, locked in our muscles as subconscious muscle tension, like buttons they are pressed when we move outside our range of motion, keeping active the memory.

The body never lies.

Structural Alignment, is where our true potential is, we can observe our dynamically integrated physical-emotional-psychological-spiritual selves.

The Space of Emptiness exists when our physical being is in structural alignment, all our physical organ systems working in harmony, empowering our energetic aspects.

Maia Movement will guide you through feeling the perfect complexity of your being.

Our mind is creative, and can be applied to discover wonderful inventions… but our existence here is the integration of all 12 physical organ systems, with all energetic aspects of our being… and our mind cannot control all that needs to be considered for us to be healthy, strong, stable… our innate intelligence, our subconscious nervous system responses, our thoughtless breath… this level of living is beyond our mental ability… because we do not need to apply control to get through our daily activities.

The following points are areas we can focus on, to help us release the controls that limit our breath, limit our strength and interrupt our energy flow.

The Thoughtless Breath

Universal Energy Flow; Circulation

Our breath is involuntary, directed by our nervous system to provide air at the rate required by our physical being in response to our internal state & external perception of safety.

Range of Motion

Living in your Zero Point

When you are moving within your range of motion, you are working inside your own unique safe space; your zero point.

To do this unconsciously empowers your ‘strengths’ with energy directed from ‘weaker’ areas.

To move with respect to your range of motion, with awareness, is to bring balance to your energy direction, unlocking innate intelligence in more complexity.

Internal & External Environment

Internal = your skin is your container, all within is your power, your energy cycling from system to system, moving where it is directed to or required to.

External = is all outside your skin, the unknown, unpredictable.

Body Hair = the interface between the internal & external realms.

Posture; Posturing

Posture is the effortless, dynamic harmony of the muscle-skeleton-breath systems.

Posturing is the subconscious nervous system response to stimuli.

Structural Alignment & the Nervous System

Posturing interrupts the dynamic integration of the muscle-skeleton-breath system, creating habitual, subconscious muscle tension that pulls us out of alignment with gravity & earth force.

Subconscious muscle tension is our being in perpetual danger, our nervous system in perpetual response.

It is the past held close.

Dynamically Integrated; We are one

Muscle – Skeleton – Earth – Gravity – Breath

We learn to feel what we have to work with, and feel the messages that each of these forces provides.

Once we can feel ourselves, accepting what we feel, we are in the space for refinement of what we are doing.

Dynamic Integration of all organ systems that make up our physical… and all aspects of being human

Effortless strength & motion

When we work with Gravity-Earth Force-Neutral Muscles and the tidal wave of our breath, our skeleton is able to do it’s job.

Bones are for strength, they are the core of our being.

Muscles contract to lift us off the earth.

Muscles released in neutral will rest heavily towards earth, allowing our bones freedom to come upright.

Our Physical is impacted by & empowers our Emotional-Psychological-Spiritual aspects

To isolate, or pay too close attention to any one aspect of your being, is to unbalance your energy toward where your attention is directed.

Being Human is to honor all aspects of yourself as equals, all feelings observed, all emotions a perfect part of you.

We release the limits we placed on ourselves, we stop living in the past.

We stop stimulating ourselves toward something better, we come back from the future.

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