Propulsion = Leverage

Being Strong in a perfect world…

If we are in dynamic harmony, our 12 organ systems ebbing and flowing under the direction of our nervous system responding to our internal & external environment as we rest on the earth, supported by gravity… in this space we can feel our physical being posture in response to stimuli from physical-emotional-psychological-spiritual, and when the situation passes, we feel our posture release as we settle back into neutral.

Energetically we are living in the present, and we are respectful of our range of motion, we are compassionate to ourselves, and we honor the responses we have within us and we let our emotions flow, we trust ourselves, and we manage for the vibration, for the truth of those around us.

Our bones have our weight, this is effortless, and our muscles move us, twitching at the subconscious direction of our nervous system… following the one rule of survival, keeping us upright and moving.

We flow through our days, balanced energy, strong, resilient, present… we have ourselves.

Today’s reality

We are currently banging through our days in a wrecking ball swing between energy highs and lows, mood swings, anxiety & exhaustion… we have pain, we injure ourselves, and we get fixed or take pills so we can carry on.

We have created so much subconscious muscle tension, that we have very little response-ability available for the life that we lead, so we begin to control the external world… we need things to be just so, otherwise we cannot cope, we step further away from our innate intelligence with treatments, with medications, with food or alcohol… we punish ourselves with exercise that pushes us even further away, but also provides us with happy hormones and pain killing feel good chemicals that simply mask what we are feeling… draining our reserves even further in a false economy of over-stimulated fight/flight hormones.

We become exhausted and the stimulation needs to be stronger, needs to be harder, faster, the massages deeper, more painful… more often… and we think this is being well.

What do we do when it all stops working?

At some point, all the doings will stop working, or you will get sick of having to see someone to help you feel better… at some point you will want rest from the endless drama that comes from focusing on Strengthening – then – Stretching – then – Relaxation – then – Meditation – then – Cooking – then Socialising – then – Me time – then Family time…. and instead of having each of these things isolated and accounted for, you will be living in balance.

Maia Movement

Gain your response-ability back by creating physical space.
Learn to move with respect to your range of motion in any given moment.
Release energy stored in subconscious muscle tissue.
Improve circulation, or flow, with your thoughtless breath.

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