Emotions… Energy in Motion

Or they should be… but for our learned skill at denying their free expression for the sake of being socially acceptable.

Anger is an energy that should be joyously free to move us for our own highest good… it is an integral part of our intuition, that has been shut down.

And when we shut down one emotion… we shut them all down… the principle (underlying functional motion) here is the shutting down.

Where we should be propelled to act, for the best outcome for ourselves, we do not, and we end up in situations that are going to do their best to remind us that we should be listening to our intuition… of which anger is an integral part.

So, instead of being the ever expanding ball of fluid consciousness, we become an ever tightening, limited, drying up, ageing ball of gritty dust. Once out of balance, every move we make perpetuates that imbalance, and increases it.

An imbalance in our energetic aspects is expressed into our physical, and here we can feel the perpetually tightening limitations. They are held in our subconscious muscle tension, and they make us feel unsafe.

Then every move we make, makes us feel unsafe… this is principle, how we do one thing is how we do everything.

So, how do we interrupt this?

We take away the fear of falling over, and we stop fearing falling…

So, we get on the ground, in Maia Movement, we start with alot of time on the ground, where we cannot fall… so we have taken away the fear of falling… and in this space, we feel our subconscious muscle tension release, and drop our bones back to the earth… our bones fall within our releasing muscle system.

Our bones fall, and that is scary, we feel the jump… we feel the body rebel back to the normal we have created… so we spend more time on the floor to become familiar with being in the space of safety, a space where we are not falling…

Then, we have space, we have muscles available to respond to our nervous system… our Energy in motion has muscles to use to posture us, to move us in the right direction… our intuition is guiding us, our innate intelligence found in the present moment is awake.

Our emotions are able to rise, posturing us into motion… and once we are where we are meant to be… they rest back, the next energy may rise when it is needed. We remain contained in our unique identity, and our energy remains circulating within our dynamically integrated being… which means, anger does not drain us… compassion does not drain us… grief does not drain us…

When we are in these emotions with joy… we are honest. We are integrated with the flow of universal energy. We are in our zero point of true potential, which is relevant to all the variables of our internal & external environments.

We live without negative or positive, we live without judgement, we are free to be our unique expression of the universe.

In Maia Movement, we start on the floor, resting, allowing our nervous system to release the muscles… then we move to exploring our range of motion, to move respectful of ourselves… then we begin to create, effortlessly.

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