Self Care for your Skull

Most of us grind our teeth… or hold facial expressions… and most of us have really tense lower back & groin… so what happens when you start to release this subconscious muscle tension that causes pain & discomfort, or degradation of the bones?

When we release subconscious muscle tension, unravel fascia & start living with neutral muscles… we make space for our bones to come into alignment, we create more space within our joints… we have more freedom of movement.

But… this comes with the joy of awareness… which I have sweetly called the ‘Pins & Needles Principle’.

Which means, you move a bit slower, and you take a little more care… so here is a little video on how to do that for your sinuses, nasal cavity & all the other tubes that move through your skull.

How to use a Neti Pot, and Gargling.

This is great for headaches too.

Releasing tension in the lower back releases tension in the neck… which releases the scalps hold on the skull… which surely means this is good for baldness as well???

Take care of yourself… go gently.

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