My Business Model; Maia Well Being

Flow… The continuous rise & fall of an open ocean swell… I want to work with people in flow, getting in touch with themselves as their own greatest expert, I want them to find me & work with me, learn to align themselves to stand in their true potential… and then they flow on…

“Listen to your own inner guidance, your intuition, your innate intelligence”

I want my business to flow… people come in & go… making space for the next people who want to release themselves from depending on others to feel better… I have been told this is the worst business model ever… and I am really happy with that.

The Universal Principle of FLOW… felt in the bliss of your thoughtless breath…

Maia Bodywork is an external tool for people… it can remind you of who you are, it can offer relief when you are hurting from moving through life with force, directing energy forcefully causes imbalances resulting in pain & exhaustion… Maia Bodywork is a delightful reset…

however… as soon as you get up from the massage table or the floor mat, your muscle memory kicks in, as you return to your daily activities, you will automatically move in the same way that created the pain & exhaustion…

You are perfectly capable of feeling the changes needed to stay in balance…

The choice is yours… but the body never lies, and thanks to repetition, we have habits locked into our muscles. These habits are subconscious muscle tension, and they are held in place by the nervous system to keep you upright & moving through your day… and they are how you have got to the present moment…

Maia Movement is your pathway to physical health, by becoming aware of the effect subconscious muscle tension has on your organs, emotions, mind & spirit… it is your innate intelligence being released from the controls of intellect, society, culture, past experiences & future expectations… feeling yourself as a whole being… bringing your attention back to what you can feel in the present moment to allow for dynamic integration of your physical-emotional-psychological-spiritual being.

Dynamic integration of all aspects of being human, means you are ebbing and flowing… your breath blissfully thoughtless… each physical organ system is functioning as it should… each energetic aspect is honored… this is being in alignment, being present and you are ready to rise up into any situation, and rest back into alignment when the moment has passed.

When you exist in dynamic integration… there is no pain or exhaustion… there is no need for escape… there is a complex playground of adventure that sees you engaging with people in a very intuitive way… and in these responsive choices you will find more of yourself.

Maia Movement will lead you to a place of unique expression, where you are dynamically integrated with every situation you find yourself in… and here you need for nothing… including me!

Think about it… there can be no isolation, how we do one thing, is how we do everything… a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so if you are draining an aspect of yourself to continue with another aspect of yourself… you are draining & creating dams in every aspect of yourself.

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