Good Posture; Healthy Posture

Finding your own relief from back pain, anxiety, digestive issues, mental health issues… any health issues, physical-emotional-psychological-spiritual.

We are a being in constant motion, the ebb & flow of our breath, universal energy flow filling our being (inhale) and releasing our being (exhale). We are the rise & fall of the sun, the high & low tide, the seasons, the moon phases… when we are our own unique, complete & natural breath rhythm, we know the universe, we are the zero point of quantum physics, we are a toroidal field in every moment.

Good Posture; This we create by doing… a strong core, shoulders up and back, head held high, muscles active, training, creating healthy habits, creating strength, then stretching & relaxing it all.

Healthy Posture; This is being, we are perfectly designed… dynamic integration of your muscular & skeletal system, with earth force & gravity… your body undulating as your breath moves you… your nervous system free to receive information, to direct you, subconsciously tweaking muscles in response to keep you upright & in alignment, working with earth force and gravity.

To isolate, is to isolate… which places too much energy in the focal point, draining energy from everywhere else.

We can relieve illness & pain in motion, we can improve circulation during our every day activities, including sitting. The equipment we are surrounded by will have an impact on how easily we can do this, but the principles are still the same.

Feel how you are resting your weight onto the earth (whether you are inside, sitting or standing).
Observe how your breath is moving in this moment.
Accept it, and allow your body to be adjusted by your nervous system

When we give our weight to the earth, and we have muscles & bones in harmony… we are a clean, balanced toroidal field.

Maia Movement
Feeling; Understanding what you feel

The only thing our mind should be full of is,,, observing how we feel.

The mind is made for more wonderful adventures than the act of being alive. And the time we are encouraged to spend to become healthy, by external means, consumes so much energy ($$$) unnecessarily that our mind has little space for anything else.

It starts with… Stand up straight, sit up straight, shut your legs…

It is compounded with… supportive shoes, protective shoes, high heeled shoes, tapering shoes, mini skirts, low hanging pants… basically shoes & clothes that support us or hold us together.

We become exhausted, weak, and in the early years we are told to do more, core strengthening, weight building, sports…

We become low energy or energy that needs to be burnt off, we often swing between these extremes, needing to do more extreme activities to feel calm, to function appropriately… then we have to go and do relaxation, meditation, detox, icebathing…

We take the best supplements because the food we eat is so run down, we consume super foods, therapies, escapes… before jumping back into the expending of energy to feel better…

We overlook that body as a means of better digestion, when in the stress response, we are draining energy from digestive organs & limiting the pulsing of the organs by having tight muscles.

When are are experiencing highs &/or lows, we are impacted physically – emotionally – spiritually – psychologically.

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Our organ systems start to show the effects.
  • Breathlessness, short quick shallow breathing.
  • Digestion becomes sluggish, or compromised.
  • Reproductive organs become sluggish.
  • Circulation is poor
  • Skin begins to sag, look gray, expressing the poor health of our internal environment in rash, acne, wrinkles.
  • Sensitive to emotional or psychological situations… we need people to behave in a limited range to make sure we are ok…
  • We are looking out, we are blaming… but it is our internal environment that is in trouble. When we blame we give away our power.

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