The Bliss of Your Thoughtless Breath

Universal Energy Flow; Circulation & Integration

INHALE… Our lungs fill with air… ballooning… pushing the fluids surrounding the lungs towards the ribs… this fluid swell collects the ribs… the lower edge of the bones being opened like a louver window or venetian blind… the ribs pushing the fluids outside them to the skin… the spine behind the heart curves back… the diaphragm moves down to squeeze the digestive organs toward the pelvic bowl… the bones of the lower back riding the wave to curve forward… the pelvis tilting… the pubic bone rolled away from the ribcage… the tailbone extended… the ribs lifting the arms away… pulsing fluids toward the hands… the pressure increase in the fluids surrounding the lungs gently squeezes the heart… in a perfect state of being, but for us… our adventure in this life may be to find our way back to this… an adventure to physically let go of identities, ego, expectation… YOU ARE BOTH THE QUESTION & THE ANSWER.

The question is the tension that is interrupting your own unique breath rhythm… the answer is finding how to let that go.

The Jellyfish gives us an image of what it is to be present in our knowing.

To watch this is to watch the universal flow as expressed by our breath. This is what Maia Movement guided observations remind you to feel, at the same time they help you unravel subconscious muscle tension.

The bliss of the thoughtless breath. The universe breathes us… we are each a unique expression, full of the lessons & messages to help us learn what we need to learn in this lifetime.

Lessons, messages & knowing are born within us, in what appears to be characteristics, family genetics… these are areas of subconscious muscular tension, created by & creating an environment that nurtures bacteria & reproduces cells.

Where there is subconscious muscular tension, the breath moving through the tissues is limited. The fluids here become stagnant, and the bacteria & cellular reproduction follows.

Muscular tension is irritated by this life we have chosen… our reaction to the foods we eat, the chemicals we are subjected to, the people we have chosen to be our family, or caretakers. The external environment has an impact on us.

The external environment impacts us by posturing us to deal with what we are experiencing. This is directed by our innate intelligence, our subconscious, our gut instinct… our nervous system.

Changing the external environment takes away the irritation, it does not change what is there to be irritated.

Where we have subconscious muscle tension we have muscles that are not able to be used, they are already in use, or they are unable to move due to other muscle tension. Which gives us a feeling of weakness, exhaustion & breathlessness. Which gives us toxin buildup, which creates inflammation.

This gives you a really simple way to release subconscious muscle tension around the lower back, diaphragm, taking the pressure off the kidneys & adrenal glands.

Inflammation; the result of moving outside our range of motion, outside the freedom of our joints.

We chose this time of being born, and we are born to it with the energy of our past, born into a society or culture that gives us opportunity to unravel tensions to be more of ourselves.

We are born to a society or culture that will provide us distractions, that will lure us into the pursuit of external achievements, of looks & money, of power.

And we have a choice, to follow the systems that tell us there is right or wrong, that tell us there is good or bad. The systems that tell us how we should behave, what is acceptable… are we being good little boys or girls?

And in this performance of being seen as good or bad, as acceptable or embarrassing,

To control the breath is to go up against the universe, to ignore our unique messages, to override our innate intelligence.

To control our breath is to consciously create habits, habits are subconscious muscle tension that impacts the freedom of our breath.

To have tension locked in our muscle tissue, is to have a block that limits the universal flow through us.

To breath into an area is to create a filling… by emptying another area within your internal environment…

“energy flows where attention goes”, and this energy is draining out of another area to flow into the area we have chosen.

The Jellyfish is supported by the water beneath, as we are supported by the earth beneath.

The Jellyfish rests under the weight of the water & atmosphere above, as we rest under the weight of gravity, or atmospheric pressure/weight.

Our breath is involuntary, our being provides air at the rate required by our physical being in response to our internal state & external perception of safety… our nervous system adjusts our breath for what we need.

The rhythm is directed by our nervous system, this is subconscious, delivered by our innate intelligence to ensure we are perfectly fuelled for the situation we are in.

The situation we find ourselves in, will posture us, and as our breath moves through our soft tissues, in a fluid wave, this posture will move our breath around the tension that creates the posture, propelling us in the correct direction, at the correct speed.

We can talk around and around, we can learn words, and labels, we can have tests & get diagnosis… but being present has no way of being spoken. Becoming aware of how we are breathing, how we are integrated with the earth force, and atmospheric pressure/gravity is our ability to be present.

To allow each moment to unfold from within us, unconditionally accepting our expression… this is our super power to own.

We do not lay it on another person, animal, plant, food or chemical… and we do not beat ourselves up for having done that… and we do not beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up.

We become compassion, we become unconditional love & acceptance of ourselves.


We vibrate compassion, we vibrate unconditional love & acceptance of others.

Maia Movement is guided observations to bring your power back from blaming anything external for your experience in living this life you have chosen.

It is to live in your zero point, to be your toroidal field, to feel the flow of crystalline DNA as our fluids move through our clean tissues, tissues squeezed & released rhythmically by the universe flowing through us as our breath.

To have pure, honest boundaries, balanced energy, effortless strength… and the bliss of your thoughtless breath.

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