What to expect when you begin Maia Movement

Whilst you are moving toward your honest & unique inner beauty radiating from within you, in the beginning, being this honest with ourselves can hurt.

We start on the floor to create space, release tension & enjoy some time where you are not in fueled by adrenalin, and all your organ systems are being fully nourished with their waste products being fully removed…

We bring what you learn to feel on the floor upright to move through your day with your whole body functioning… I call this being dynamically integrated.

It involves harmony between all body organ systems, most obvious to observe bones-muscles-breath… as well as our physical being in harmony with earth force & gravity or atmospheric weight.

Sounds a little overwhelming, and I believe it is totally incomprehensible for our mind… BUT something we can easily feel.

Emotions will rise & fall as necessary to energise-you-in-motion. At first, you will feel ridiculous, and you may feel, think or observe yourself overreacting to situations… unconditional love of self & acceptance is all you need at these times (and maybe an acknowledgement of yourself to another) as you begin to get acquainted with your entire emotional repertoire.

Your mind will have space to explore other possibilities, as your body opens releasing limits created by past experiences. You build self-compassion as you live in the present moment, the space between right-wrong, or good-bad.

Spiritually you remember you are complete, boundaries effortlessly exist as your energy radiates from your full, pure circulation. Your internal environment is a place for healthy cellular reproduction… pure, crystalline DNA & a stable free flowing toroidal field vibrating off your being.

Cerebral fluid is pulsed around your brain as your spine remembers its strength comes from being integrated with, as well as riding, the wave of your unique breath rhythm, your breath becomes your unique expression of the universe as you are breathed by universal flow.

Physically… your muscles let go of holding your bones out of alignment, your internal circulation is returned to organ systems that are drained by the stress response (which holds your bones out of alignment… each joint has freedom to move through its complete range of motion.

Your body begins to blossom with all organ systems functioning, and your nervous system flowing freely between fight/flight/freeze/fawn & rest/digest/heal… sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system energies.

Whatever you feel is yours, all energy-in-motion is yours, to propel you, so focus on the physical feeling of how your body is resting on the earth & posturing… accept the sadness, or anger, or ecstasy that goes along with your situation… but focus on the physical feeling, which will allow your body to move itself into more stability, and return your breath to your complete & natural breath.

PAIN – The Pins & Needles Principle

You may feel pain, as circulation is returned we are able to feel what we have created through control, causing limitations. We are able to feel the result of repetition & force, and this can be unpleasant.

Pain is a messenger, and need not be feared.

The pain may be specific to a certain area… and this can be a self-distracting technique… OR the pain may be whole body… as you stand in your own unique alignment you realise the only person who can support you is YOU!

At first it seems lonely, as we are often pushed to expect support from others… then it is empowering & our relationship with others becomes mutually beneficial as expectation is dropped & acceptance settles us into our own true potential.

Feel good hormones are no longer being hyper-stimulated.

And this is good! As these hormones are necessary to get us through battle when we go to war, they perk us up as well as reduce our ability to feel pain, meaning we can move in a way that is not for our highest good. But we can abuse their availability.

Flat – adrenalin is reduced

At first, when we start moving respectfully of our own range of motion, which means we are not activating our fight/flight response, we may feel flat, exhausted, dull, weak…

Be flat! You have created this imbalance, now is the time to become more balanced.

Remember… you will be judging this on the standards bred into you by a culture that judges being busy & successful above all else.

Whilst people can run around exhausting themselves to achieve based on these standards, ask yourself “At what cost?”

If someones body is failing, or they require treatments or practices to be comfortable, or to get through the day, if they need to get away & recharge… then they are on a pendulum of the highs & lows, a pendulum that is erratic due to being out of alignment.

They are living on adrenalin, until they exhaust themselves, and then they are crashing into a recharge or detox, which will stimulate the adrenalin to build up until they feel amazing & come out hard and fast again… until the next recharge or detox is needed.

They will seek treatments & practices that are more extreme.

Sensitivity – to yourself

To create freedom of movement in your internal environment, is to release the controls you have had on your own unique expression.

Your unique expression is found in freedom of speech, and should be free to respond in the moment, for the moment.

When we hold ourselves in check, and limit what we want to say for fear of upsetting someone, we undermine our place in the world. We vibrate dishonesty.

When we begin to speak in response to the moment we are in, it can sound like we are yelling… and sometimes the moment requires a raised voice, a grieving wail, a full belly laugh.

Claim it, claim this energy as yours, you are exactly what the universe needs in each moment, be OK with letting your energy flow, at first bursting forth explosively… as with your acceptance, your energies will begin to feel safe to express, and they will settle into being uniquely you.

Anger is most peoples main concern, and being angry is very different to lashing out in anger. But where you are starting with anger & how you have used it is relevant to how it will show up. If you have been giving your anger away in blame or outbursts (damage to property, animals or people), your energy will be very low, and your survival will be desperate.

Stand in your power. If you experience anger as mentioned above, when it rises, get away & get on the floor, in the beginning… you will need to create external space for safety.

Breathing concerns…

Breathlessness… Is what we create when we choose to control ourselves into submission of what is appropriate or correct.

Holding our shoulders up creates subconscious muscle tension around our involuntary breathing muscles, which suffocates the ability of these muscles to move involuntarily.

Our breath then requires force, and since our breath & our survival is only worth a few minutes… our nervous system quickly creates habits around this forceful new breath… which is another layer of subconscious muscle tension that further suffocates us…

And this cycle continues to perpetuate itself as our innate intelligence attempts to align us from a place of locked on mis-alignment.

When we are out of alignment, and we choose to correct ourselves with a practice, we do not release the tension pulling us out of alignment, we simply layer more tension over that which already exists.

Detox… deep & true

Where we have subconscious muscle tension from a locked on stress response… we have both limited circulation and sluggish organs & glands.

Limited circulation & sluggish organs & glands, as our energy is directed to stimulating the organs required for fight/flight response.

Limited circulation… This is blood, lymphatic & nervous system flow, as well as the breath rhythm, which leaves tissues undernourished & building up waste products, as well as limiting feedback from our nerves.

This is where the energy for our fight/flight response comes from.

Breath rhythm… A squeeze & release of our organs with every breath, I picture this like holding a sponge under running water & rhythmically squeezing & releasing it.

When our breath is able to move our entire body, our lungs push all the tissues & organs away (water displacement), almost squeezing them between bones & skin, before the release of our exhale takes the pressure off & the tissues & organs can drawer in fresh fluids….

Sluggish organs & glands… for 2 reasons our organs & glands are struggling… FIRST is circulation, whatever is not needed for immediate survival is drained of energy & blood flow to energise muscles & adrenalin… SECOND… is space, due to muscles being contracted, to pull the bones into a better alignment for propulsion (survival), our organs become held tight between contracted muscles & bones…

Our organs & glands are unable to pulse as they should, and the fluids that normally create space between each organ are squeezed out, at the same time they have had their blood, lymphatic & nervous energy decreased and redirected to the fight/flight, sympathetic nervous system response.

The long term activation of our stress response causes organs to dry out, and possibly stick together (but that is OK, this is where our range of motion comes in!!!)

Blood… when we are running on adrenalin & feel good hormones our blood is also thickened, so when we get injured on the battle field we have a better chance of survival…

Range of motion is so important here, as when our organs are squeezed together under the stress response, and the fluids are not separating them, they can begin to dry out & grow together, and like putting a dressing on a wound that sticks to the growing skin,,, when you pull it off it can tear.

When you begin to move within your free space, your range of motion…

You enjoy the benefits that come when circulation returns & begins to flush out the stagnant fluids, and these will come out in your breath, urine, faeces, skin, mucous membranes (vagina, ears, nasal passages, throat).

Food choices will change… as your internal environment becomes cleaner, your bacteria levels come into balance & you will naturally want to reach for the correct food for your body.

What you eat will provide more nourishment to you… because your digestive organs are being pulsed by your breath, as well as nourished by their best circulation, and kept clean because the circulation & the breath pulse are flushing out the natural waste products & removing them in your naturally healthy bloodflow.

What you eat is not that important if your digestive organs are not working.

Eat your soul food…

We all have foods that we grew up with that science or learning now says are bad for us… but if you are craving it, and it is feeding your soul, or your inner child, it is good for you… and you may notice the effects feel different, and you may notice you do not want to eat it as much as you used to, and you may not finish the meal or packet…

Eat whilst you are enjoying it, and as soon as you stop enjoying it, stop eating… you do not need to clean your plate…

Same goes for anything that you currently (this is your power to choose) crave or need, often called addictions (which takes away your power)… honor your cravings, and feel your bodies response, are you enjoying it?

As soon as you have the realisation you aren’t enjoying the moment, stop beating yourself up, or the effects, then be OK with having made yourself feel this, and move on.

Are you beating yourself up?

At some point, stop beating yourself up… perhaps you are beating yourself up for beating yourself up… laugh that one off…

Refinements in motion are key!

What you are guided through on the floor is just the beginning, it is the easiest way to get you to feel what you are currently doing subconsciously, as well the the result of what you are choosing to do…

What you feel on the floor must be brought upright into your everyday activities.

What we feel on the floor is what we are observing for when we are sitting or standing, and our observation of what we can feel is what keeps us present, what keeps us in our true potential, propelled by our innate intelligence & intuition, and what keeps us an expansive, creative & fresh being.

The more present we can stay when we are upright, the less time we have to spend on the floor.

Maia Movement is freedom

Observation without the limits of expectation (what the future should be) or oblivion (propelled by the energies of the past).

Our mind is available to create instead of being consumed with survival.

Our intuition is able to move us, propelled by emotions, vibrations & for the highest good of all involved… we don’t need to think or plan for this, if a person, landscape, environment or system is going to be drained by our activities, we will not be able to move toward it, the effort & the cost will be too great.

If we are draining an area to create abundance in another area… somewhere we are draining ourselves.

There is subtlety in Maia Movement

That is free of identity, making it expansive… with a self-respect & belief in our own perfection that does not fit in the world in which we live… but helps us fit into the world in which we live with a strength that brings balance to what surrounds us.

Maia Movement is just a name… not an identity. Maia is a goddess of spring, and the fresh growth of new leaves unfurling from the earth is perfect to remind us of where our health & beauty comes from.

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