The arrogance of YOUTH, keeping the more EXPERIENCED young.

The younger generations are meant to ask questions; questioning what we are told, what we observe. However, we seem to have lost the self-respect necessary for respecting all others.

Or, we were not shown it… and that is OK, that is part of our own evolution.

We live in a place of scattered alignment, as we are able to access information & cultures at our fingertips or at the end of a quick flight. We live in a world where the journey is not part of the experience.

The times see us easily leaning out of our culture, born to foreign lands, invaded & invadees, we are doing our best to find somewhere to fit. We seek the guru or expert who gives us a system to learn, rules to follow, belonging to a population who have chosen the same… because we are schooled in the system of fitting in.

We choose a topic & learn the correct discourse, speaking with those who understand, gazing up to those who speak it more fluently, and down on those who have chosen not to follow this path.

As we select these identities, with a bible to follow, a leader or guru to quote, experts to reference, numbers & statistics to volley in conversation, we begin to teeter on the tips of already desperately gripping toes… we continue to lose our connection to the land beneath our feet.

We also stray from the present, casting our mind back to that of a past we have memorised, that we were not part of, but that we use to explain how we will change the future.

The more experienced have an opportunity to stay young by engaging with the arrogant youth. Engaging requires softness, expansion. Whilst EXPERIENCE expands in this energy, YOUTH  can enjoy a space that allows them to explore amidst the energy of wisdom. And here, I believe we can have a universe healing vibration.

Recently I followed an exchange on a social media page, and I want to share it here with a bit of the background knowledge I have of the 2 beings involved, as well as the subject they were discussing.

I’ve copied & pasted the exchange below, and then I offer my critical analysis of the chat, without judgement, but with my personal touch.

What I have previously seen, on social media, from the YOUTH…

Self describes as a God Loving, Good Christian, young family, with toddlers…

What I know of EXPERIENCE

Grandparent, Regenerative Agriculture since 1974, born to beef cattle central queensland, teaching biodynamics in Australia since 2001, first studied biodynamics & permaculture around 1974, sat on the Biodynamics Australia board… experienced.

I also have personal experience with some of the topics touched on…

I have 20 years personal experience with a homeopath who studied in India.

Everything is energy, and energy comes from within us, vibrating out.

Stimulation takes energy from one area to fuel another, example is caffiene, it stimulates energy to be drained from our digestive organs which fuels our get up & go, this energy is coming from our tissues & organs.

Fermented foods, I have been commercially making & selling raw, living fermented foods for 10 years, the method I use is fresh vegetables & salt. They take the time they take depending on the season. But, we can interfere with this natural rhythm. One method I was taught, was to add a starter culture.

Living & co-facilitating biodynamics workshops for the past 12 months.

The following is the exchange, initial share by YOUTH, and responses.


Weekly Biodynamic prep dosing on the rows. A specialty blend of The Mother, 500,502,503,504,505,506,507 & CPP. Watered & turned straight in. It’s excessive by Aussie BD standards, but because we make the preps on site, we can afford to go heavy! More goodness and better compost for your farms & gardens.. Morpheus looking good! Custom fermented mulch+ Morpheus blend looking good too


Ah it all makes sense to me now. We got some loads of your compost just over 12 months back. It had an overpowering ammonia smell, now it’s become properly composted as we’ve let it sit & process.
Your “excess usage” of biodynamic preparations “because we make them” is a great expression of the “more on syndrome”.
I’m often asked about biodynamics if you can use too much? Yes, & I answer with the scenario of a good whiskey..a nip is great, however the whole bottle not a good look.
Biodynamic preparations are a homeopathic remedy, not a “big hammer” tool.


the compost you received for a commercial installation was specifically for that purpose, the highest point of N possible was the request, without volatility which requires some pretty intensive timing. Ofcourse if you let anything high nitrogen sit it’s going to change. The nitrogen goes back to the atmosphere!
You are correct to some degree, and yes the pure preparations are homeopathic, which is why we stick to a few grams each.. with those specific preparations. But this is also the production of compost, not a foliar application. Big difference
But I strongly disagree with you on the matter of CPP. More frequency and higher the dose is better, this is not a “more on” approach, as is well understood in India, where I took on my training. If you have it, use it! The more contact the different stages of metabolisation in a compost process, the better.
Like any homeopathics, or energy work one should also focus on sticking to the real work Steiner put forth.
Which means COW horns, not bull horns(gigantic difference), making cpp with your bare hands, not a cement mixer and using the correct flowers – yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion & valerian for the production of preparations (which all grow in our region perfectly well)
With the amount of energetic pollution in and around our environment and the way we deal with soil, we really do need to beef up the doses, not just sit back on the sidelines and pretend we are in 1925’s clean(ish) environment.
Big difference between western Biodynamics and eastern Biodynamics, that’s why I flew over there to learn

My critical analysis is…

Why are we turning this every week? How does the breakdown happen with this activity? Nature takes the time she takes… The Mother looks like an ingredients list on a packet of food that I would’n’t buy.

Homeopathics need only be prescribed once to do their job, they are administered in minimal doses, for the correct amount of time, the effect of these treatments was powerful. My homeopath always prescribed using a pendulum & asking the questions for minimum dosage maximum effect.

Volatility is indicated by the off gassing, or, the smell of ammonia.

Training in India, Steiner was German. Stating India is a better biodynamics than Europe is contrary to YOUTH saying…

“Stick to the real work of Steiner”. Interestingly, Steiner also has a religion, Anthroposphy, which is contrary to YOUTH’S prior post on his religion.

Training in India, versus Experience in Australia.

Horns, do not need to be used, there is research on Emu Eggs that suggested a far superior product than cow horns, Emus native to Australia, all cattle imported. Also, when horns were not available in Europe, Maria Tuhn invented the Cow Pat Pit (CPP) creating the preparation in a pit or barrel.

EXPERIENCE uses bare hands, so this is an unaware comment if YOUTH is speaking of how EXPERIENCE creates his remedies.

Energy work, or using the pendulum tells us that there are local, native plants that are exactly what the landscape, in the season needs. Energy work considers all the variables, for landscape, humans, animals, plants.

Energetic pollution exists where people believe it exists, it is, in itself, a form of energetic pollution.

Energy is simply that, there is no right/wrong, or postitive/negative, those are judgments placed by the human intellect. When we are in our own alignment, working with our own landscape there is no energetic pollution, or energetic confusion… Only we can change this for ourselves.

Sitting back on the sidelines… EXPERIENCE has been active in regenerative agriculture since 1974.

Whilst this makes my mind rally lots of information, what I will say is, the reason our soil & landscape is in the poor health it is in, is because we were taught & chose to believe that we could improve it. The ‘beef it up’ attitude is, on principle the same approach, the same principle that was used by the ones who cleared the landscape. EXPERIENCE brought a beef cattle grazing property, with no ground water or streams, back to a lush landscape by observing nature do her thing, and changing the agricultural model.

In conclusion…

As yet, EXPERIENCE has not responded to YOUTH, so as I see it, there is an opportunity to respond to YOUTH in a way that will continue EXPERIENCES evolution, keeping them young, and offering a safe space for YOUTH to hear themself.

For me, I have been here, a YOUTH in conflict with myself. Unlike me, they are born to, or choose the bible & identify’s that relate. They were born to following the external expert, and the rules found in a book. YOUTH is familiar with following a chosen system, following an expert, and, in this case, choosing the rules of the Steiner/Biodynamics book, but with a twist, by then selecting India as the place of the best practice. The other contrast I feel in this, is that YOUTH is selecting the areas of Steiner (cherry picking) that he will follow.

For me there is no right or wrong, but there is a lack of integrity, or stark contrast in their choices.

Also, EXPERIENCE tells me that Peter Proctor, from New Zealand, was one who travelled to India to teach Biodynamics. YOUTH, like me, is not born to Australia, but has chosen it, or Australia has chosen them… the difference here is YOUTH continues to look past the sandy shores for the answers.

Who am I?

My bodywork training in Universal Principles was 2 degrees of separation from Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i. A Kahuna is a Hawaiian knowledge or wisdom keeper, but the Kahuna was clear when he taught evolution, to “Know yourself in the culture in which you live”. I have familiarity with some of the Hawaiian words, because I was born to a time of blended culture in Aotearoa/New Zealand. But I use no Hawaiian, seldom referring back to my teacher or the Kahuna.

If you asked me who I am most familiar with, I would say women of European descent, who cook & create with plants… this is my ancestry, this is one of the ways I am who I am. And, whilst I am around 4th generation New Zealander, known in my heart as Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia is the land I am dynamically integrated with.

Underneath all that… I am familiar with anyone who knows themselves as a Human Being. Beyond any external, chosen identity or concept.

Physical integrity is something we lose when we over stimulate our mind with learning, and choose multiple different paths to suit us… this is our human ability, the free will to choose… but the effect is always physical.

I think Steiner may have had similar energy to the Kahuna, in that it is rumoured he said, ‘your farm will have the plants your farm needs’. The Kahuna shared that ‘all we need is found in our own backyard’. Actually, many people throughout time passed have said this.

Another personal observation is that Steiner was German, his lectures were German & have been translated into multiple languages, and much can be lost in translation.

Who are you?

So let me leave it with that… Who are you? Are you an EXPERIENCED being, or one of YOUTH?

In your space are you open to the other energy?

Maia Movement is how I found my voice, and it was a release of tensions, like peeling an onion that uncovered each layer of tension as I stopped doing, and started observing myself being.

Accepting my being unconditionally as my aspects came into balance, bursting forth from a past of denial, a past of hiding my true expression. I was my own safe space for my own unique self…

May you be the unique, honest you the universe so wants to see & hear.

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