You are perfect, in this moment, for the growth or evolution of yourself, and for the growth or evolution of all who are around you.

Do not hide your light or give your power to any around you.

Give people the respect of accepting them as they are.

To think another should change, or must want to change, or should be doing something different is outside your control.

We are all the same, our light is our light, do not judge yours or anyone elses as good or bad.

Let anyone around you express themselves as they are doing their best.

Respond honestly.

Express honestly.

I am about to say something that was very hard for me to take when I was still using the word ‘treatment’, so…

If you have sensitivities due to past experiences, please listen to this podcast before reading on… I really liked this whole conversation, but one part in particular touched my heart. To hear Brandon (Sahara’s guest) give a sweet summary of a kids book “The Little Soul & the Sun”. Sahara expresses herself honestly, and I have enjoyed a few of her episodes.

I hope hearing this has softened your personal connection to whatever happened in the past… I can only guess that if you are sitting reading this, you are safe in the present moment.

You are the universe manifest (a physical feeling, not a thought)

You are here to experience what you are experiencing… and what you are experiencing is giving you an opportunity to release tension, freeing the locked energy & expanding consciousness… or you can choose to play the victim, layering more tension & locking up more universal energy.


Change your language… swap out treatment for behaviour

‘treatment VS behaviour’

Treatment is claiming ownership of what is happening. Why are they doing this to me?

Behaviour is a choice each of us make, based on our own experiences. They are doing that.

Let people have their behaviour, and accept this as them doing their best.

Actions speak louder than words. Look at them, and observe them without judgement.

Make the choice that is best for you, based on their behaviour.

‘focus on the topic’

Tone can excite response… but tone is a behaviour that make sense for the one using it.

Listen to the topic under the tone.

Be involved in your own life

Move in a way that gives you more of yourself, in every second of every day this is possible.

Releasing limitations from the past, being dynamically integrated with the earth & the cosmos.

I was stubborn

Maia Movement is just a name… the new growth of spring, fresh green shoots unfurling into the light, that is a principle of nature… and Maia is a goddess of Spring.

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