The power of positive thinking, and how it can hurt you.

I remember the days when I used to see perky ideas about mindset, mindfulness, choices etc… and I used to think they were great… until I became totally exhausted around the age of 34… so exhausted I didn’t have the energy to have a positive thought, I didn’t have the mental energy to push past what I was physically, I couldn’t ‘think’ about what I wanted to be.

And, no treatment gave me long term relief, no herb, medicine, supplement, superfood helped me… I know this because I stopped taking them all, and I felt better.

I stopped seeking the external expert, the magic pill, the perfect therapy, and I sank into who I was, and that person was a physically rigid human being, and that was a ride that was unpleasant… but it was completely mine.

It was the rigidity that was empowering my mind, emotions & spirit… and I had nothing left, on any level. And, as strange as this is to say, following the positive mindset junket had (I now know) contributed to where I was, as I had pushed through many times, draining my own energy, based on someone else’s ‘idea’ (over energised mental aspect!).

The mind should not be viewed as separate from the physical body… dynamic integration is the knowing each energetic aspect (emotions-mental-spiritual) has an effect on your physical… and your physical has an effect on your energetic aspects.

All aspects are integral to each of the others, and where one is out of balance, all are out of balance…

  • if your mind is racing, the energy for that is being pulled from one or all of the other 3 aspects…
  • if your physical is out of balance, and you use your mind to keep going regardless, the energy for that is being redirected from the other aspects
  • limitations in the physical are linked to limitations in all the energetic aspects
  • AND
  • if you are pushing yourself in any aspect, you are draining yourself in other aspects… often to turn around and push yourself in those aspects, and on and on that goes.
  • limitations in the physical create limitations in all the energetic aspects
  • injuries will land where we already have blockages… and they will be blocks that we had been ignoring…
  • harder hits will be sustained if we push through the injury, to get back to what we ‘think’ we should be

IT takes the time it takes…

And, when we are present, grounded in this moment, there is no time, even when you have to live by the clock. The clock is a tool to help you fit into our current society.

Grounded presence enjoys each moment, wholly & completely, without pain or exhaustion, without needing a holiday or ‘time’ to recharge.

Grounded presence requires a harmonious relationship between your skeleton (structural alignment), muscles & soft tissue (quality of weight release onto the earth) and your breath.

Your unique, complete & natural breath is both your body breathing, or universal energy breathing you… either way, it requires no thought, as it is directed by your nervous system, in response to your structural alignment, which is impacted by your innate intelligence perceiving danger and activating muscles to ready you to run or fight…

Which is exactly what should happen.

And, under your judgement free observation of your physical being posturing under the direction of your innate intelligence, your body is released from the posture… for if the danger were real, you would not be observing the response within, you would be looking out & your innate intelligence would have you moving for safety, and the safety of all those around you.

It’s a very independent, yet community energy that exists within us, when we are in balance, and our being is available to respond thoughtlessly, with awareness.

Our survival instinct or ability, whilst here on Earth is inbuilt, our mind is made for greater creative adventures than trying to stay alive.

We are a whole being, and we are physical to have this experience here on Earth.

We are perfectly designed, we get the experiences needed to help us release blocked energy, giving us more of ourselves on every level, adjusting our vibration, which is reflected in the experiences we have, and how we experience them.

Our physical is as relevant as each other aspect, and everything is energy.

So I ask you…

If you didn’t have your physical, would you be having this experience? We are here to play in all that living on earth in this time has to offer, and we each are integral to how this energy plays out.

There is much to distract us from observing ourselves.

The secret is learning to observe ourselves regardless of what is around us trying to distract us.

because if you are not here now… well, you are not here.

Tricky little take aways…

  • Energetic experiences physically posture us
  • Repetition of physical posturing creates habits
  • Habits are subconscious
  • Habits are an energy drain, to keep them active
  • Energy is drained from other organ systems, making them sluggish
  • Mental energy is directed to fixing the problem, sluggish organs
  • Draining physical, emotional, spiritual energy to upkeep this
  • And, this cycle continues until you are exhausted.

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