We have a perfect physical response activated when we sense danger, anxiety is when the physical response, our Stress Response, is compromised.

Anxiety rises when we are physically unable to respond to danger… if we cannot respond, we freak out… which compounds the feeling of anxiety.

Each of our emotions should be welcomed as the perfect Energy-In-Motion that brings our attention back to ourselves at the same time as it delivers the propulsion required to make the changes needed for our highest good.

Exploring our physical experience of our Stress Response.

  • How the Stress Response prepares us physically to ensure our best chance of survival, to run or fight.
  • How the Stress Response gets locked on, holding us physically out of balance.
  • Realising our locked on Stress Response becomes our danger.
  • Compassion grows from understanding how truly magnificent our Stress Response is.
  • Understanding why Anxiety is our Stress Response that has become desperate, and how the little things we do create this disharmony.
  • How we can soothe any desperate emotions, each one a very important energy of our souls being human family.

The perfection of our Stress Response

The nervous system will detect danger, real or perceived, and begin to redirect your energy into the organ systems necessary for survival.

The nervous system will pull energy from organ systems, by slowing the action of our digestive, reproductive, skin systems, and redirecting their energy to activate muscles to pull on bones, to shorten and quicken our breath, and posture our skeleton, ready for action.

The posture of our skeleton is to pull the lower ribs forward, to physically push the breath high in the lungs, shorten the lower back by tilting the pelvis, which also shortens the groin, this brings our weight forward for excellent propulsion.

The Stress Response is our Internal Environment, which is anything within your skin, and it can be activated by the External Environment you find yourself in (driving a car, angry spouse, grumpy customer, held at gunpoint, competitive sports, forceful exercise, coffee).

The External Environment is something you may be able to see, hear, smell, taste or feel. It can be all of the mentioned, or it can be an energetic, electrical, a vibration.

When danger is detected, our body responds with the Stress Response, to ready us to run or fight and it is both a chemical and physical response.

Chemically, we get boosted with adrenalin, feel good hormones or pain killing hormones, and our blood is also thickened, to limit blood loss if we are injured. Exactly what we need in battle… a perfect response.

Physically, we have an activation of key muscles and tissues to posture us, shifting our centre of gravity for full propulsion to run our fastest or throw a really good punch.

When the danger has passed, either we have got to safety, or we recognise it was not a real danger, the Stress Response will reverse, letting go of the activated muscles, and stopping the release of the chemical response.

Energy is returned to the organ systems that are needed for resting, digesting & healing. The breath is released back to your full & complete breath rhythm & you can go about your day.

The process has been completed, and there is nothing to carry forward.

When we are out of balance, we subconsciously perpetuate being out of balance.

Our Stress Response can become locked on.

Our breath is held high, short & quick.

Organ systems remain sluggish, digestive, reproductive… our blood remains thickened.

Our muscles remain tight, tension around the lower back impacting the neck & shoulders.

Our centre of gravity is out, and we are on a forward lean, we are in danger of falling over. Which activates our Stress Response, perpetuating the forward lean.

We are layering muscle tension down, subconsciously, to keep us upright.

Energy & nourishment is mobilised to fuel this energy, and since our digestive system isn’t functioning very well, our body starts to drain our bones.

As more and more muscles become tense, we lose more availability to respond when danger is detected.


So we start to try to control the external environment, slowly reducing where we go, so that we are not overwhelmed.

More muscles are tightening with each move we make, we have less space physically, our circulation is poor and this is our vibration.

We are draining our life force.

Fake a smile to feel better… well…

Remember that old game? When you want to feel better, put on a smile and it will release feel good hormones.

The same happens with your Stress Response posture.

Being in the Posture of the Stress Response stimulates the stress response hormones… readying us to deal with a danger, regardless of our External Environment…

Our Internal Environment is now the danger, activating the Stress Response, we are draining our life force into feel good hormones, pain killing hormones, and blood thickening…

Our posture is keeping the energy of any past experiences alive.

Our digestive system is sluggish, undernourished, so it doesn’t matter what we eat, where we put it isn’t working.

We drain our adrenals, and when you remember that is the energy you were running on, we start to understand exhaustion and adrenal fatigue.

Our breath is constantly short and fast.

What can you do?

Observe without judgement… your breath, your physical capabilities, your thoughts… your emotions… your voice… what you hear… what you see… what you taste… what you feel.

You are not broken, you do not need fixing. You need to rest.

Get on the floor, and use supported rest positions. This takes away the fear of falling. By taking away one reason your stress response is activated, you allow some space to rest, and allows some of the muscle tension to release.

do this in bed if you don’t want to get on the floor today

When you release muscle tension, you create a bit of space physically, giving your nervous system some muscle to use when the Stress Response is activated… and when you are able to feel the Posturing activated by your stress response, you know you have your message system available again… you can start feeling your innate intelligence, you can hear yourself!!!

You can feel it, you have something of yourself to observe, and observe without judgement, as you want to ensure your internal environment feels safe giving you messages.

You rest, in these supported rest positions, you honour the tension that exists within you, as you would nurse a knot stuck in a rope… you stop pulling it, you take the pressure off yourself and you let the rope unravel with compassion.

The rope did not knot itself, how it was treated has knotted it, and how we respect ourselves is how we will unravel ourselves.

You start being you.

You become your own safe space.

Feeling anxious, allowing the energy-in-motion to rise up & become one of your loyal & welcome messengers.

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