2023 Retreats

Maia, Goddess of Spring

personalise You time… a time to reconnect… with yourself… your lover… the natural rhythm of universal energy…

remember how to feel you, present all ways, all situations, with Maia Movement

as you remember the deeper layers of you, after you release yourself safely, in honour of your unique breath rhythm in Maia Movement, you will feel safe to release deeply during your Maia Bodywork

remembering what if feels like to be dynamically integrated
on all levels

releasing to be dynamically integrated with universal energy
earth force – physical – cosmos/gravity

all you need to do is arrive… bringing a book to read, camera for nature photography, art supplies, a journal, your favourite wine or beer… we have nourishing local produce & products grown in the area or in Australia… which is exactly what we need for whole-food-as-medicine superfoods.

remembering on all levels
β˜€ learning to feel your innate intelligence
πŸ’š realign with natures rhythms in our landscape
πŸ₯¬ nourishment
πŸ‘£ detox, to release tension is to improve circulation
πŸŒ€ breath… your unique, complete & natural breath is within you
πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ understanding how posture really works
πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š all aspects of you are bought into alignment as you remember your perfect design created into a physical being

What’s included…

2 nights & 2 days 🌷🌷
2 Maia Movement sessions, together, take home Basic Equipment Pack
1 Maia Bodywork per person (90 minutes)
Meals, snacks from the evening of arrival, until the 2nd afternoon where we Well Come you to come again
Locally grown & roasted Coffee β˜•οΈ
Daintree & Mission Beach Cacao
Fresh picked produce, foraged weeds πŸ₯¬
Complimentary online access to Maia Movement, Feeling the Space of Emptiness, to keep you safely expanding, while grounded together πŸ’š

Different accommodation options…

Couples Camping… $720 (value $840)
Couple in the Gypsy Cabin… $820 (value $960)
Solo, or friends Camping… $380pp… 2 or more $340 each
Solo, or friends in Homestead… $500pp… 2 or more $420 each

Longer… why not…

Please contact me directly…

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