Understanding your nervous system

What you can feel to understand how your nervous system works.

We all have a nervous system, and a physical body that functions in the same way, what we have are different variables that express as characteristics and symptoms, making each of us unique.

This blog is about understanding how you function as a human being, and we will be covering how we layering the memory of different experiences onto that.

Our nervous system.

If we were in physical balance, and all of our organ systems were functioning optimally, our bones giving us upright structure, our muscles neutral and available, and our breath complete, natural and pulsing our entire body… then our nervous system would be able to respond when we detect danger… and when danger has passed, the response would be released.

We would be our own energy source, and our energy would move like a tide to meet the requirements of our nervous system as we move through each day experiencing living.

Our nervous system is like a super computer, it is responsible for directing all of our organ systems, in response to information received from our current situation (both external and internal environment).

Subconsciously processing the information and directing us for survival, which is the stress response.

The stress response is a posturing of our physical body to give us the best chance of survival, posturing us for propulsion, for running fast, punching hard, jumping high and lifting heavy weights.

A body in physical balance, with all organ systems functioning optimally

A body out of balance

When we have repeated certain actions enough times, to make a habit, we have created subconscious muscle tension.

Subconscious muscle tension is contracted muscles that do not release.

They hold our bones under pressure, and our skeleton out of alignment.

Activating our nervous system into fight/flight… or the stress response (posture).

Subconscious muscle tension

Puts pressure on our adrenals, and drains them.

Creates sluggish digestive organs.

Compresses circulatory pathways.

Shortens the breath, to high, fast and shallow breathing.

Domino effect, cascade, self perpetuating

Once we have one area of subconscious muscle tension, our nervous system is in a state of constant fear, due to the skeleton being pulled out of alignment.

Everything we do creates more tension, as we ignore our imbalance, and try to fix what is wrong with us.

To release the subconscious muscle tension, we need to create a feeling of physical safety, or take away the possibility of falling over.

So we lie on the floor, in supported positions, that allow our tensions to express themselves, we take away the fight to fix ourselves.

We lay in full acceptance of what we can feel, in compassion by positioning ourselves with respect to what we have.

We create safety that our nervous system can recognise.

In safety our nervous system will release muscle tension.

We have begun unraveling.

One response to “Understanding your nervous system”

  1. […] Interrupting the stress response is easiest done on the floor, due to the result of subconscious muscle tension… which is to pull our skeleton out of balance. The perfect response to ensure we can effortlessly run, fight or jump, as it prepares us for propulsion, see Understanding your nervous system. […]


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