A nervous system out of balance

What is happening when we are locked in the Stress Response Posture?

Organ systems are sluggish, with poor circulation.

We are running on adrenaline, as our digestive system is poorly functioning.

Subconscious muscle tension is putting pressure on our bones, limiting free space in the joints.

We feel weak, exhausted, inflexible, without boundaries.

We become unwell, life becomes hard, life becomes about healing, about making new coping mechanisms, creating new habits.

We spend more energy trying to find an answer, depleting our life force more.

We take stimulants, supplements, superfoods… a false economy as our digestive system is not functioning, and the response is being drained from elsewhere in the body.

We are stuck in a perpetual cycle of draining life force.

We can interrupt this ever tightening spiral.

We can become an ever expanding, grounded, lite, energetic being.

We accept that the best breath for us is one where we do not think, we do not control, we do not expect…

We embrace our breath rhythm is directed by our nervous system to meet the requirements of our internal environment, based on nervous system disharmony or external situation.

We love that our unique breath rhythm is our expression of universal energy flow.

Universal energy flows like a tidal wave through us, pulsing our lungs, pulsing our body.

Any moment we turn our judgment free observation to any part of our body, we should be able to feel the skin tightening like a balloon being inflated, before it softens with the exhale…

When we cannot feel this, we are moving outside our current capacity which takes in all variables, and is indicating that nervous system detects danger, and has postured you up into the Stress Response Posture.

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