Being sick, releasing, or detoxing

How do you look at, or talk about these moments where you are less than the expected standard? And, are you creating separation between your energetic aspects… e-motional – mental – spiritual – physical…

Everything is energy.

The power of words, spell-ing… language & word choice, the tone of delivery, the oblivious power we allow words to have… how do you feel about language?

Masaru Emoto photographed the effect our words and intention can have on water crystals, and as we are a fluid, watery being, the vibration of words can have this effect on us.

What is my adventure during this human life?

I am more interested in claiming my power, and taking full responsibility for my well being. Whilst I have previously been impacted (negatively & positively) by words, some delivered in a harsh or derogatory tone to me, I now know this as ‘their’ behaviour, that shows me how ‘they’ treat themselves. I learnt at university to be “topic focused” and let the tone move through you without holding onto it with judgement… because it was my behaviour too.

I’ve learnt that honesty comes in many forms (word choice & tone), and I have stopped asking others to express themselves more to my liking. And, I have stopped trying to express myself to others liking.

This is what I share in Maia Movement?

I had a great ‘experience share’ from one of the ‘Feeling the space of emptiness’ group …

“I was sick recently, in bed for a few days.  Noticing how tense my body was in response to the discomfort & pain I was feeling, I remembered your instructions of feeling into the tension.  I was then able to let go the tightness in my muscles, breathing  mindfully, resulting in deep relaxed sleep and repair to my body.  Gratitude.”

This is an experience I have had, and others have given feedback on previously, and it bought up a question for me… This experience is going beneath the language of labels, treatments, practices and remedies, and it is just being.

The language we use and how this impacts our experience?

I feel like it is easy to give our power away… to the labels of sick, unwell, bacteria, pathogens, fungal, virus, disease, infection, inflammation, slow metabolism, disorder, genetic condition… which perpetuates the cycle of draining our energy and creating the experience of the above labels.

I have not ‘caught the flu’ from any of the clients who turn up to massage appointments, get on the table and then tell you “that feels so good, I’ve had the flu all week”.

I have seen the constriction of the spine (lumpy, like a dinosaur’s spiky back line) in people who have and are experiencing Ross River fever (and similar) symptoms. The bones squeezed together by muscles in locking down. And I have seen these bones flatten, returning to alignment as the being relaxed during the massage.

If getting a massage can do that, why can’t I?

I think we give our power away to external experts… we are taught to, and as we seek a treatment/operation to make ourselves feel better, which can stop us from experiencing the present, which stops us from being in our true potential, open to all the possibilities of the next moment being different.

Where we have subconscious muscle tension we have limited circulation, which creates an unhealthy internal environment.

Each time we seek outside us, and book into a future appointment, we step away from being present…

I think we give our power away to remedies, which stimulate a certain response in our body… when the response we are stimulating would not be necessary if we stayed present to what we were doing to create this situation of perceived lack.

We seek to ‘feel’ something, in a body numb to what we are creating, with a mind intent on creating something better, we increase the dissociation.

“The body is consciousness” was in a podcast I listened to a few days ago, and how wonderful to hear those words spoken… because where has the approach of “mind over matter” and similar, got us? Medicine Story, Ep. 74. Womb Sovereignty… with Samantha Zapporah

The words we choose, and the power we give them.

Can we change the words we use? Yes, with compassion to ourselves we can do that, with compassion to the wider community, we can remember what being stable within our skin feels like, and allow ourselves, and others to use whatever words work for each of us in that moment. And we will be an honest response, whatever that sounds like is exactly what is needed in that moment.

We are all doing our best, based on our own unique variables… I want that respect, so it is respect I have had to learn to give others.

Homeopathy taught me to look at the symptoms. Each symptom was relevant & none were grouped into a ‘general’ label. But, for me, using homeopathy between my late teens – early 30’s, I know the remedies were repetitive… so why was I in a perpetual cycle of highlighting & blaming external toxins, and needing a remedy?

Why was nothing changing?

My internal conscious adventures with Maia Movement gave feeling back to the numb created by subconscious muscle tension. This tension related to all the homeopathic remedies and symptoms that I had been repetitively treated for. Without the tension, I did not need the remedies.

Unraveling subconscious muscle tension, is working within the space of emptiness, where we are not applying force by stretching or contracting anywhere in our body, either consciously or subconsciously as our body compensates by adjusting other areas to allow the movement we are forcing… ooophhh.

When we are not trying to fix something that we see as broken we are working within our range of motion, the free space within each joint, and in this space of safety (because we are not pushing ourselves around) our nervous system is able to release subconscious muscle tension, which increases circulation, which starts moving stagnant fluids out of tissues, at the same rate our digestive system, metabolism increases to deal with this flow… 

And this circulation opens up detox, at the same time allowing us to feel what has been numbed to us…  so, when we are on this path of treating ourselves respectfully, moving within our range of motion, we reach points where it feels like a detox/flu/virus… we may feel exhausted, tired, weak, get deep body aches, slight fevers burning off that which no longer serves us, stagnant fluids are pushed out as our digestive system is functioning better, with more nutrients being delivered, and more waste products being removed… balance is returning, at the same time so is what we can feel, which means our consciousness has expanded…

I listened to a Virologist a couple of years ago (I was in theCVid conspiracy rabbit holes, and I cannot recall his name right now) and he mentioned measles in kids, references in Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine reaching back 1000’s of years. I was planning on putting a link here, as it was an interesting listen which offered me some back up to viruses not being contagious, and supporting my choice to question marketing/propaganda… and pretty much anything that is well marketed, mass followers, requires dedication too… or is in anyway conceptual is propaganda to me… it’s a foible that I love!

Where to from here… yes, choosing language is important, however, awareness of why you choose each word is enough to shift your energy… yes others can make you feel yucky with their words… if you let them… and to not let them is, in my experience, us just not minding our own business…

Reacquaint yourself with the raw honest beauty of an unfiltered response.

The universe needs that healthy vibration.

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