Rejuvelac Recipe

I started making Rejuvelac when I was taking mega doses of probiotic capsules everyday and the symptoms (heartburn/indigestion, UTI, inability to sleep) were not being relieved.

My first batches were made with 1 cup dry wheat grain, in 3 cups of water. This sat for around 48hours, then I strained it, and the juice got stored in the fridge. I then added 2 cups of water to the same wheat grain, and left that to sit for a further 24hours, when I strained the juice into the fridge and discarded the wheat.

I wanted to learn a little bit more, so I got onto the internet to see what I could find, and there is an endless supply of information and recipes. So I then started to play with how I was making it. Following is the recipe I use now.

Sprouted Wheat Rejuvelac

1/2 cup wheat grain
Sprouting jar, or equivalent
Filtered, or chemical free water
Fresh ginger and turmeric chunks
Bottles for storage

In a sprouting jar place 1/2 cup of wheat grain, rinse it, fill the jar with 2 cups water and soak for 6-12 hours.

If you don’t have a sprouting jar lid (pictured), you can use a jar with a cloth tied on, I use a clean cloth, tea towel or muslin, secured with a rubberband.

After 6-12 hours, drain the water off (into pot plants is good), rinse the wheat grain and upend the jar into a dish. Rinse grains during the day, to keep them moist. Let sit until the wheat grain has started to sprout (sometimes I use it as soon as the grain has broken, sometimes I use it up to 1cm of sprout growth).

When you are happy with your sprouts, rinse them thoroughly, and transfer them to a glass jar, minimum volume 1 litre.

Cover with 3 cups of water and if desired finely chop up fresh ginger and turmeric, add them to the jar.

For extra energy, take a stickblender, and give each jar a burst, I do about 10seconds. The grain is still chunky, but I don’t do this all the time.

I cover my jars with a clean cloth and rubberband, and sit them in a warm dark place, mine live in the back of the empty shelf under a teatowel.

I have recently learnt that airflow should be kept to a minimum, and you may wish to use a jar lid, which may require you burp the jar daily.

How long does it sit for?This depends on your season, Summer is is about 36 hours… Winter it is about 72hours.

It is ready when the bubbles are slowing down, and there is a white scum layer on top of the liquid. It will appear cloudy.

Once you are happy with it, all bubbly and fresh smelling, it is time to strain it off into glass bottles to be stored in the refrigerator, or drunk fresh.

Strain the liquid off the sprouts, I use a funnel with a tea strainer in it. After you have strained the rejuvelac, add another 3 cups of water to cover the sprouts, and sit for a second batch, the length of time should be shorter than the first batch, and relevant to the season you are in.

I start my next batch of sprouts the day that I strain of the first brew, I have successfully used filtered town water, purchased spring water and tank water.

The flavour?

I find the flavour to be a green, light ginger beer. The feeling when drinking it is similar to enjoying a cold beer at the end of a hot day of physical work, it replenishes your mineral levels, which quenches your thirst.

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