The Catalyst – July 2022

I’m screaming! They aren’t listening, and he doesn’t care. It’s 7am.

I am armed with a worthless bamboo stick, yelling “come here, Maggie, Pi Pi, leave it” and they don’t hear. I glide through shoulder length grass, over very rough terrain, and I know I can’t approach the situation that I focus on ending well… but he’s playing.

Then he turns, and moves slowly, deliberately, in a different direction, and they stay hot on his heals, in a frenzy… and this is the point it becomes clear.


It was the principle of what I was watching that hit me… he was standing as the system, the external expert… Maggie & Pi Pi symbolic of all the people fighting to be treated well, fighting because they are not happy with how they are being treated. He didn’t care, and all they were doing was giving him something to play with.

“You were screaming like a Banshee” Shane said… And I was ok with that, because as I was screaming I felt like a channel for all that had gone before me…

All the frustrated rage of those who have chosen to do as they are told, those who believe they can’t look after themselves… I heard my parents, felt my grandparents, my ancestors, my country of birth… all those who silenced their own innate intelligence…

I knew I was alone, I knew there was nothing I could do… except walk away, away from the system, away from the people fighting… I would live the life I know we are all capable of… I would walk my talk.

As I got to the waters edge, I saw Pi Pi being drowned by the large Buck Kangaroo, he had lured them into the water… premeditated, genius, I was impressed… but I would not follow… I would also not watch, but I would stand as near by my Pi Pi as I could, for this moment.

Peace came over me, the acceptance of futility, the knowing I would no longer stay silent or diminish my expression, but in the same instance, I would not fight. I was the eye of the storm, my power raging all around, awaiting my next move, the banshee silent for now.

So I turned away from my Pi Pi, moving my energy from her & the Buck, staying at the waters edge, present in the moment, my weight sinking into the earth as I stood physically balanced, grounded in my honesty… I had created this, I had asked for it, I was in it and I would feel each moment, I knew it would end and I wanted this experience to to be recognised.

Then I heard splashing, I looked up to find Maggie swimming, and I fuelled her with my hurt and rage released – my energy free to express… she nearly flew out of the water, and as I saw her take off to Shane, safe with 2 other dogs… I turned back to the Kangaroo, in respect of the power he no longer held over me.

He stood still, nearly shoulder deep in the middle of the water (he was about 6foot), the water around him now calm, his arrogant head turned back over his shoulder to look at me… I figured the struggle was over, and I felt my loss. Until I heard splashing, turning I saw Pi Pi was heading toward me, and she too was the recipient of the energy released through me. We got to the road & I walked off… Pi Pi did not.

My independent little border collie was torn open from inside her back right knee all the way up, inside her groin, and dripping blood.

My rage transitioned thoughtlessly into compassion, and I gathered this little being into my arms, and started the walk home.

Halfway there, Shane asked if I wanted him to take her… “No, thank you, but please, go and get the quad bike and come back for us.”

Whilst sitting in the dirt, cold and wet, covered in blood, Maggie glued to my back, I checked Pi Pi’s leg. Maggie was walking, but the skin on her left ribs had been peeled away, and there was a puncture on the right. There were far too many flaps of skin and open flesh, but she wasn’t dripping blood.

Pi Pi had torn flesh, flaps of skin rolled up inside & I could see bone deep in her groin, and the blood was pulsing out of her. It wasn’t pretty and I chose not to take photos in the first week, but there are pictures further down…

When we learn by principle, the lessons are not in the detail (how it looked). The answers are not in a technique, a skill or an expertise. When we are aware of the space we have internally, we are aware of when we need to reach out for help. This is my knowing, we are our own greatest experts and how my dogs were fed and treated prior to this is a huge factor in their resilience, their ability to heal.

My time had come to walk away from relying on any healing system I had to travel to.

My time had come to go with my innate intelligence, to heal from my backyard, never questioning my integrity… with integrity.

Intuition, to let go of planning or knowing… and this is the story of my confirmation of Maia Movement, which had given me everything I needed during this adventure..

This moment was one of great realisation. A knowing I had been remembering my whole life. Rolling round in my head, these thoughts & more were trying to settle…

Everything happens for a reason… when your time is up, your time is up…

There are so many stories of ‘miraculous’ healing… I know these are not miraculous, but our innate ability to repair, heal, create new cells.

Everything you need to heal is in your backyard, in your body.

They would not be going to a vet!

We are simultaneously the issue, the question and the answer…

Pig dogs do it, animals in the wild do it… we can do it… but how?

I wouldn’t go to a hospital… & the vet hurt Maggie last time she went for help

Someone might take them off me.

Maggie can’t do drugs, they don’t get any chemicals, they are ridiculously healthy

Home by 7.20am

Shane stokes the fire, sits with us for a bit, then goes to make coffee and breakfast. I stay with Pi Pi, Maggie has been left outside (she’s independent like that, so I let her have her time), Cass and Dixie are in their dog pen…

This is the time I started to settle into the opportunity present for me. This is not just about the dogs, it is about all beings who live on the property (plants, animals, humans), and any of the neighbours who heard me ‘screaming like a banshee’ (Shane’s own journey to stay present to his landscape).

My expression is perfectly timed and placed, all who needed to hear it, the raw honesty of my voice was simply the sound or vibrational healing they needed.

The energy that moved through me, expressed in a scream, it initiated a vibration of change into the universe.

I lay on the floor, my energy flowing in tears, giving Pi Pi her freedom to choose… stay and heal, or go and fly?

She was shuddering… cold, shock, blood loss, pain… There was occasional repositioning, starting the flow of blood again, licking the wound, exhausting… there was a time of glazed eyes, she was gazing into the void, talking to her angels… then relaxation and she rested.

The crate she had as a puppy was fetched, and towels laid, we moved her to this place of safety, and the time had come to offer her assistance… Which made me feel a little contrary… fluctuating between knowing and knowledge… I had gained (intellectual) knowledge and I am universal knowing (intuition, guided by my innate intelligence).

What can I do?
I’m just a person with a couple of weed books, some comparatively cute experience & a man of the land…
Aloe vera? Honey?
I need to stop the bleeding
I need to clean the wound
I don’t have any self-heal plant…
Sedative, prickly lettuce is a mild sedative.
Essential Oils.
I’m not trained for this…
She needs stitching!
Feed her or put a dressing on her?
Comfrey, but that’s bone damage.

I know exactly what to do
Innate intelligence

Check my books when plants enter my consciousness
Listen to my gut
Pay attention to what is obvious
There is time
Healing comes from the inside
New cells grow from within
As I need it, ideas will come to me
Ask the man for his ideas.
There are plants
My slow juicer, does it still work
A blender, my stick blender…
My food processor
Cells grow from inside us
Treat her from the inside

And the Kangaroo. We walk this path often, and I had not seen him, he was only a few metres from us, standing just off the roadway, I had passed him twice… Pi Pi showed me I needed to pay attention, it’s never too late to start.

So pay attention I did, my backyard has everything I need, so I went there into my landscape, I did an inventory of what I had in my house, in my home, in my garden, in the man… this is what would heal my dogs.

The man said “It takes the time it takes”. This time was my time to deepen my connection to this landscape, ‘Kumbartcho’ called me. I needed to honor that, I trusted my gut to get here, I honored my innate intelligence…

It was time to go deeper within, and further away from any of the systems that had caused me to doubt my knowing, the systems that had created restrictions within me, making me rely on the same system to survive.

I took photos at 1 week… Maggie doesn’t like photos at the best of times.

This wound is open under her fur in behind her front leg, and you can see the flap of skin at the back of the wound, at this stage the size of the wound is about half of where it started.

I have trimmed hair around the wound in small amounts, over the past 7 days, taking off the matted hair that would pull on the skin trying to heal.

Maggie is a bit of a star when it comes to healing injuries, and about 3pm on day one, she got into a kennel, and lay down, and didn’t move until I made her come inside by the fire about 2am. I only did this because it was really cold, I had her covered in blankets and she was on a big soft dog bed, but because she wasn’t moving she was freezing with thick mucous running from her nose.

Pi Pi… her wound was not for photos, in hindsight I wish I had.

The far side of the photo is her groin, and that flap of skin is still open & deep. The hollow from that point toward the centre was initially ripped muscle tissue, that has been consumed by her licking and by the bodies natural ability to consume broken or unhealthy tissues.

The open flesh starts on the front of her knee, a loose flap on the back edge of the leg, and there is a little internal blister up in her groin which (I guess) is where his toenail tip reached, scratching her bone, and nicking her artery.

Pi Pi walked outside to the toilet about 26 hours after this happened, and went into a full deep squat to pee… I cringed.


Day 7

Pi Pi

Day 7

Week 1, up to these photos being taken, is a blur of wound dressing & medicinal soup & tea making every few hours… sleeping on the floor in front of the fire, checking my books, asking Shane what his innate intelligence has to offer, listening to my own innate intelligence.

Wound Dressing

Aloe Vera mash with juiced weeds in it.

Raw honey with essential oils & weed tea

Weed tea with a tiny pinch of salt, and a little honey

To Be Continued…

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